Your Easy Guide to a Feng Shui Bathroom

In the Feng Shui perspective, the bathroom, along with the bedroom and the kitchen, has the power to exude the most positive energy into the home when arranged, decorated, and maintained appropriately. A Feng Shui bathroom should be able to purge out negative qi energy, and create relaxing, positive qi energy for everyone in the home.


Decorating a Feng Shui Bathroom

In order to counter the negative qi energy produced inside the bathroom through bathing, using the toilet, and other activities, put in your best effort to make the bathroom a clean, relaxing space that everyone in your home will enjoy. The most important factor above all, is to keep the space pristine at all times. A messy bathroom, along with unpleasant smells, is the main cause of the bathroom’s reputation of producing bad qi energy.


  •  Fresh and Airy

Bathrooms are subject to unpleasant smells because of the daily activities we do inside. To rid the space of unpleasant smells you’d often encounter in an everyday bathroom, keep the room well-ventilated and smelling fresh throughout the day. To avoid unpleasant odors from filling the room, make sure to keep the toilet seat covered whenever not in use. Keep an air diffuser in the bathroom and use your favorite relaxing essential oils to counter unpleasant smells, as well. If space permits, place air purifying plants in the space to keep the room fresh.



  • Appeal to the Senses

Since most bathrooms are usually made of cold, hard materials (tiles, marbles, metals, etc.), create positive qi in the bathroom with soft, warm colors and textures courtesy of wall paint, rugs, and even high-quality towels. If space isn’t an issue, set up a vanity table inside the bathroom and turn it into your personal haven when pampering yourself and getting ready for a day out.

If budget isn’t an issue, spoil yourself a little and make your bathroom a relaxing affair with a display of your favorite candles, bath bombs, and artisanal soaps. If the shower’s closed off to the rest of the bathroom and you keep the bathroom dry, bring in a music player you can connect your device to so nobody else in the house has to hear you do your business. An added bonus is you’ll get to sing along to your heart’s content while in the shower!

Make the room a positive experience on its own, enjoy the ambiance, and soak in the good energy a well-maintained Feng Shui bathroom could give you.


  • Calming Colors

To create a more relaxing ambiance in the bathroom, use calming, neutral wall colors like beige or ecru. You may also opt for soothing, earthy colors like a light matcha green, which could help you balance out the overwhelming water energy in the room. These colors could provide you with a good canvas to accessorize with wall art, or even accent pieces that match your lucky colors for the year.


feng shui bathroom


  • Balance is Key

Balance the bathroom’s overwhelming amount of water elements with earth elements coming from green, wooden, or golden accents of your choosing. Stock up on wooden bathroom accessories such as storage boxes for towels, dish soaps, and toothbrush holders. Incorporate green into the mix with jewel-toned cosmetic bottles for lotions, shampoo, and bath gel; or even in artwork such as nature-inspired paintings. Gold is known to be a Feng Shui wealth cure so feel free to use this in any way you want, we recommend a gold-framed mirror, which can multiply wealth and luck for you and your family.

To counter the negative energy coming from the toilet, fill a wooden bowl with stones and pebbles like you would see in spa bathrooms, and place it on top of the water water closet or near the toilet.


If you’re buying a home with an existing structure for bathroom, or you are in the process of building one from ground up, keep these tips in mind:


Ideal Placement

The bathroom should ideally be placed in the more remote parts of the house in order to prevent the bad qi from spilling over in any of the more populated areas. To prevent this no matter where the bathroom is located, keep a window open in order for the negative qi to flow out of the home. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, decorate with mirrors and green plants to keep the room fresh and bright, and keep the door closed at all times.



Avoid Having the Toilet Door Face the Kitchen Entrance

Having the bathroom door face where you make your food doesn’t sound very appetizing at all, does it? In a Feng Shui perspective, having the bathroom face the kitchen entrance could lead to illness for those residing in the home. Apart from the obvious sanitary hazards of having a bathroom right across the kitchen, bad energy leaks out through the smells and sounds we’re all familiar with when we do our business. The sound of flushing, the sight of an open toilet bowl, and all kinds of factors don’t mix well with those who are trying to prepare food nearby.

If you find this Feng Shui no-no in your current home, don’t feel the need to move out. Just make sure to keep the bathroom door closed, and have a barrier in between the two entrances to keep the bathroom’s unwanted qi energy (among other unpleasant things) from flowing into your cooking space.


The Heart of the Home

Having the bathroom positioned right in front of the main door is bad for Feng Shui. This is because upon entering the home, those greeted with the sight of an open bathroom door are likely to absorb the negative qi energy expelled out of it. Also, you wouldn’t want your toilet to be the first thing you see after a tiring day at work, would you?

Also, a bathroom placed in the heart of the home is likely to emit negative qi energy into all its surrounding spaces, stuffing the entire space with bad energy. If your home has any of these two Feng Shui no-no’s, deal with it the same way we mentioned in the kitchen.



In the Bedroom

It’s common for modern homes to have en-suite bathrooms, which is actually bad for Feng Shui since it could lead to illness for whoever sleeps in the connected bedroom. This is because the bad energy from the bathroom could potentially flow to the nearby bed and prevent the person in the bedroom from gaining good energy while they rest. If this type of room setup cannot be avoided, make sure not to lean the headboard against the same wall as where the toilet is installed. You can also block out some of the bad qi from reaching you while you rest by using a bed frame with a tall footboard.


Under a Staircase

Both the staircase and the bathroom have tendencies to release negative qi energy into the home, so it’s best not to combine the two in one space. It is said that having the bathroom placed under a staircase is said to weaken relationships with friends. We recommended that this area be kept as storage space, or simply empty.