4 Ways to Incorporate Wrought Iron in Your Home

Wrought iron is no stranger to home interiors. It can be used in almost every area of your home, from your facade to your staircase. This material is tough, durable, and is easy to style and accessorize.

Comparing it to cast iron, there’s one major difference. Wrought iron is heated iron and shaped into what it is, while cast iron is melted metal fitted into a mold to get the finished product. Wrought iron is heated, shaped, then heated again and shaped again until the desired result is accomplished. It gets tougher the more work has been done to it, and it is generally more durable than cast iron.

Wrought Iron Onda Marketing

Locally, Onda Marketing has been supplying homes, hotels, restaurants, and other commercial structures with iron works since 2007. Onda takes pride in their level of workmanship which is why property developers like AyalaLand, FederalLand,and other big design and construction firms trust.

There are many ways to add wrought iron into your home, here are four ways you can incorporate Onda Marketing’s specialty wrought iron in your home.


1 A Durable and Stylish Gate

Wrought Iron Onda Marketing

As your home’s first line of defence, your gate has to be of good quality. Onda Marketing’s custom gates are exactly that: strong and stylish.


2 A Showstopping Entrance

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron Onda Marketing

Aside from giving your door an extra layer of personality, wrought iron doors aid in keeping your home more safe. It’s obviously more durable than the typical wooden door.


3 Window Grills and Sheds

Wrought Iron

Give your windows another level of protection and style with iron window grills. Onda Marketing has different patterns that can match your home and your preference.

4 Create a Dramatic Staircase

Wrought Iron Onda Marketing

Give your home a sense of drama with a staircase with a wrought iron baluster. They have a variety of staircase baluster styles you can choose from but Onda will and can customize the piece for you from navel to navel.


If you want world class quality wrought iron in your home, visit ondamarketing.ph for more information. You may also visit Onda Marketing at Unit 4- I, 67 Amber Place Building, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.