Hosting Wine and Cheese Night? Here are 9 Kitchen Essentials You Need!

With the traffic in Metro Manila’s hubbubs turning unbearable, more and more homeowners are choosing to entertain in their own homes. With many themes out there, Wine and Cheese Night is a favorite with Millennials and Titas alike. If you’re planning to host your classy Wine and Cheese Night, here are 9 kitchen essentials you need to host a successful one.


1 Wine and Cheese

This goes without saying, these two items are the main feature of the entire feast. Open your personal collection to your guests and drop by the deli for some cold cuts and cheese. You can also ask each of your guests to bring a bottle they love right now for a mini tasting session.

2 Cheese Board

Serve your cheese in style. Pick up chopping boards, cheese plates and boards from your favorite home store.

Wine Cheese Essentials

3 Small Plates

When your guests pick up the Fontina and Feta to match their Pinot Grigio, make sure you give them a mini plate to eat in. This is also needed for the crackers and cold cuts they’ll be picking up from the main board.

4 Cheese Knives

Don’t forget to provide a different knife for each cheese, so that the there is no transfer of flavors made.

5 Toothpicks

If you’ve cubed or cut the cheese for solo consumption, don’t forget to provide toothpicks or cheese forks. This is often an overseen wine and cheese night essential.

Wine Cheese Essentials

6 Ice Bucket

For guests who like their wine chilled, make sure you have a bucket or two filled with ice.

7 Corkscrew

While some wine bottles have a built in opener, a good house host will always have a wine opener in their kitchen drawer for those traditional wine bottles

8 Wine Glasses

The shape of a wine glass is not just to look fancy, it helps you smell the wine better and helps you if you need to swirl the wine a bit. Make sure you have a lot of glasses, one per person per bottle so everyone gets to savor the flavor of each wine without contamination.

Wine Cheese Essentials

9 Wine Glass Labels

While you can purchase this in your favorite home store, you can also label your wine glasses with different colored ribbons, washi tape, or washable markers. No one wants to be using someone else’s wine glass during the end of the night.


Written by Patricia Herbolario