Wilcon Special Feature: Win-Win

What to do with walls? That’s one of the most common questions people ask when they visit their recently turned-over unit. Yes, you should have an accent wall that’s painted or makes use of printed wallpaper, but you can also leave some walls white. A furniture piece, artwork or even your rug could be where you add color to your space. Also, a foldable screen doesn’t just have to separate two spaces or conceal mess—you can place it behind your sofa to add instant pattern to your space. It’s not permanent, so you can easily move it around and change your look without having to repaint the walls.

– Wilcon

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1. Carlotta L-shaped sofa (P22,500)

2. Context end table (P8,610)

3. Yasugi vases large, (P1,376), medium and small (P952 each)

4. Ceramic vase (P1,500)

5. White vases (P316/each)

6. Black table lamp (P6,565)


7. Printed square cushion (P290)

8. Vintage rectangular pillow (P525)

9. Simone coffee table (P5,225)

10. Table lamp (P3,452)

11. Frigg sofa (P19,252)

12. Traviata dark brown 3-seater sofa (P25,000)