BEST WISHES: Why Parents Now are Giving Houses as a Wedding Gift

We love our gift registries and our money donations, we’ve noticed a trend with parents and brides-and-grooms-to-be. More and more parents, should they have enough in the bank and a lot of love in their hearts, are giving children houses as a wedding gift.

It’s doesn’t necessarily need to be a brand new house, it can be an old home or a condominium unit. Some parents give couples an old home that the owners will just save up to spruce up. This gives couples a headstart on their life together. Instead of worrying over a house and lot to buy, the parents want to lessen the burden of starting a new by helping them with a house of their own already.

This gives couples a headstart on their life together.

In an interview on MyHome’s coffee table book, Inspiring Interiors Vol. 3, we were fortunate to talk to two married couples who were blessed by their parents with a house and lot. Since the two couples didn’t have to worry about paying for the house and the lot, they invested their money on renovating the space instead.

In one wedding-gifted household, the lady of the house told us that she is more than happy to do the same thing when her children get older. She points out that the house-and-lot helped them a lot while starting their new life. After all, starting a new life together is a big task.

While the price tag is unusually huge compared to your usual flatware set or cutlery set, this wedding gift is a gift that goes beyond it’s price. While some might see this as spoiling one’s child, we’re sure that any parent would want to give whats best for his/her child especially if they had the means.

Giving a house as a wedding gift is giving a couple a shell of their future home.