Design 101: What is an Interior Designer?

 With Pinterest hacks and DIY-apartments being a norm, it can make one wonder what the use of an interior designer is and why you should hire one when making your home or condo. While you might see it as an additional expense, you might be sacrificing your space in the long run when you put together your unit on your own. Hiring an interior designer is an investment, and not anyone can just claim to be one.

Based on the bylaws of Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID), “An interior designer refers to a natural person who holds a valid certificate of registration and a valid professional identification card issued by the Board of Interior Design (BoID) of the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) pursuant to RA No.10350, otherwise known as the Philippine Interior Design Act of 2012.”

In an interview with Philippine Institute of Interior Designers president IDr. Lilia de Jesus, an interior designer must have these two things to truly be called an interior designer:

1 He/she must have graduated from a higher education institution duly recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree

2 He/she must have passed the Professional Licensure Examinations.

Interior Designer Lilia de Jesus adds: “Although it is certainly not cheap, we at PIID always say that the outcomes far outweigh the costs when it comes to hiring a professional interior designer. Most are unaware of the many factors that influence the designing of spaces. Clients must be properly oriented on the social, economic, cultural, physical, and psychological facets and continuum of space.”

So while decorating can be done by any one with a penchant for style, designing is a completely different realm. Let us be clear and firm on this: not everyone can be called an interior designer, even if you’ve already done your unit on your own. The title “interior designer” is equivalent to having the prefix title of a doctor (Dr.), lawyer (Atty.), or an architect (Arch.); not everyone can just add interior designer to their name. It takes years of schooling and a board exam to get the license.

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