Welcome Home: A Guide to Creating Good Feng Shui for Your Home Entrance

Your home’s entryway is one of, if not the most, important places in your home that require good Feng Shui. This part of your home sets the mood for the rest of the house, giving all those who enter an impression about what kind of home will be greeting them as they move forward. Once the front door is opened, it welcomes all forms of outside energy, good and bad, into your home. The type of energy that enters your home and how it flows through the rest of the house depends on how you design, decorate, and position all elements in your home’s entrance and entryway. Read further to learn more about creating a better entrance for all those who enter your humble abode.

The Front Door

It’s imperative to keep your front door free from any obstructions. In a Feng Shui perspective, a home entrance that is free from blockages allows an open flow of good energy. Remember to keep clear your home entrance from unsightly objects such as trash bins, dead plants, or cleaning supplies like brooms and mops. These elements create bad energy that may enter your home whenever someone opens the door, contaminating the entire home. Also, make sure a beautiful and welcoming doormat is placed at the foot of the front door at all times.

When it comes to the door itself, having it open inwards makes for good Feng Shui because it invites good energy to enter the home, while having the door swing outwards pushes good energy away. As for color, Feng Shui specifications recommend the home’s front door to be painted in harmony with the door’s direction. Just use your phone’s compass and paint your front door accordingly:


  • East- or southeast-facing door: Wood, or painted with a wooden finish
  • South-facing door: Warm colors like red, maroon, yellow, burnt sienna, or wood with red undertones (Fire Element)
  • Southwest- or northeast-facing door: Green, brown, orchre, all wooden colors work as well (Earth Element)
  • West- or northwest-facing door: Shades of gray (Metal Element)
  • North-facing door: Any shade of blue, white, black (Water Element)



A Warm Welcome

In a Feng Shui context, the entryway means whichever space the front door opens to, and isn’t restricted to traditional entryways and lanais. Treat your home like a catchy tune at the beginning of a good song, or a compelling introduction of a good book: it sets the tone for the rest of the home. Start with a beautiful area rug to greet all those who enter your humble abode, and a chair and coatrack to aid them as they enter.

Next, decorate your home’s entryway to your heart’s content, but make sure you won’t leave or display any personal items that could clutter the space. Make sure all art you’ll be displaying is calming, and and will induce a positive reaction for all those who enter. Try photos or paintings of gorgeous landscapes, or an elaborate tapestry you made yourself. Lastly, place a small table near the entrance to balance the space. Decorating your entryway with the right elements that suit your taste makes for good Feng Shui.



On Mirrors

As much as possible, avoid placing a mirror anywhere facing the main door. Mirrors placed in this position prevent good energy from entering the home by reflecting the energy back outside. Use mirrors in the entryway by positioning them in front of art or whatever pleasant décor you choose to decorate your home entrance with, multiplying the good energy that enters the home.


Energy Flow

If you’re still in the process of buying or building your home, avoid having the front door face the back entrance or any door whatsoever. This situation causes the good energy that enters the house to immediately exit through the other door. This rule applies to the bathroom as well; as much as possible, avoid having the bathroom door face any of your home’s entrances as energy could escape through the bathroom and prevent any of that energy from flowing through the rest of the house.