Guess Where Designers Are Putting Wallpaper Now!

With statement ceilings turning into a big thing right now, more and more designers are adding wallpaper to ceilings. The fastest and easiest way to join in the statement ceiling trend is by sticking wallpaper to your ceiling.

 wallpaper ceiling

Putting wallpaper on your ceiling makes a bold statement, especially if you’re tired of having a minimalist space. A great thing about wallpapered ceilings is that they give you the same amount of style as an accent wall minus the pressure. Accent walls tend to be a hit-or-miss, and everyone has to see it. Wallpaper ceilings are subtler, it’s not the first thing people to see in a space (unless your ceiling wallpaper is in a wild, eclectic pattern). Wallpaper on your ceiling can add a subtle touch of texture yet a lot personality.

 wallpaper ceiling

Adding wallpaper to your ceiling is a cheap way to renovate and update a space. Also, if you’re tired of the pattern, it’s just as easy to take down and replace with a fresh, new sheet of wallpaper.


How to Put Wallpaper on Your Ceiling


1 Head to the Hardware Store

Measure how much ceiling space you want to cover with wallpaper. Check if the wallpaper already has adhesive on it, if not, ask the hardware store how much adhesive you’ll need for how much wallpaper you’ll be getting. Gte a paint roller and a sponge while you’re at the store too.

2 Prep Time

To apply wallpaper to your ceiling, make sure that your ceiling is clean. Most hardware stores have a primer to help you stick your wallpaper evenly and with ease. On the back of your wallpaper, put on the adhesive as directed by the bottle.

 wallpaper ceiling

3 Applying the Wallpaper

You can’t do this project on your own, call a friend over to help you out and avoid any accidents. Get on a ladder and trail the wallpaper on your ceiling. Have your friend aid the rest of the wallpaper with a dry, flat mop. When you’re placing the next sheet of wallpaper, remember to match the seams for a consistent pattern flow.

4 Bubble Free

With a clean and dry sponge, gently rub through the wallpaper. This helps absorb the excess adhesive and remove any air bubbles that can make your ceiling look uneven.


Let it dry and enjoy your new ceiling! Would you try this interior design trend?