Vipp: The Design Powerhouse That Started with a Trash Bin is FINALLY in Manila

You probably know Vipp, whether you know it or not. It’s a Danish brand that created the beautiful pedal trash can. We managed to get a first dibs on an interview with their Chief Designer, Morten bo Jensen. Here’s 11 things we found out about Vipp!

1 It All Started with a Trash Bin For the Founder’s Wife

The Vipp story with a trash bin for Marie, the wife of Holger Nielsen. He was a young metalworker that created a sturdy, pedal-controlled bin for his wife’s salon. Eventually, the trash can was in high demand and the rest is history. 

In 2009, the bin was accepted into the permanent design collection at the MoMA in New York – the only place in the world where the bin is just for decoration.

2 Vipp is older than you

Starting at 1939, Vipp is almost 80-years old today! The company has been passed on from Holger to his children.

3 The Founder Was a Fan of Cars

Holga Nielsen a fan of American cars. Hence, the retro-design of the trashcan.

4 There Was an Extremely Niche Market Before

At the time it boomed, the trash can was purchased by dentists and doctors for its functionality. Eventually, as the trends evolved, Vipp’s design was loved by all Danish homes. Almost all Danish homes have a Vipp trash can.

5 No One Really Know What Vipp Means

While it might have been run by the 3rd generation, even they forgot to ask their dad why Vipp’s moniker is as such. “We think it means the precision of the tilting of the product,” shares Morten bo Jensen, Vipp’s chief designer. The company theories that the brand came the Danish word “Vippe” which means “tilting”.

6 They sell other stuff too!

They might have started as a producer of an iconic trashcan, the brand has evolved into a home and lifestyle brand! They have kitchen modulars, salt and pepper shakers, and even towels and plates!

7 Their Products Only Have One Version

Once Vipp releases one product, that’s the only version of it. The idea is when they make something, it is the very essence of the item. “That is the definition of design and what its about,”  shares Morten. “Some companies subscribe to trends but we have a different approach. And Holga has proven that with the bin. You can find the essence of a product and deliberately disregard the sidelines and you have a good chance at finding something that can last a lifetime.”

8 Vipp is all about monochrome

Their store is a monochrome haven. Their products come in either black, white, and a limited selection of gray. “Black and white is an object that has a chance at lasting a very long time.”

9 They have a prefab and a hotel!

Want the ultimate Vipp experience? They a Vipp Shelter and Vipp Loft!

10 Expect more products on the way

Jensen shares that they have almost 100 products on the drawing board, each assessed if they should be released to the market. Given their philosophy of quality and longevity, products that reach the store have gone through a “thread in a needle” process. They are expected to come out with more furniture in the next years.

11 They’re FINALLY open in the Philippines!

While Vipp might be available in other countries, their store at the Shangri-la at the Fort is the first of its kind. It’s the first stand-alone Vipp store in Asia! #VippManilaExperience

Visit Vipp at Shangril-la at The Fort, Bonifacio Globa City.