This Modern Home Has The Funkiest Chair Collection Ever

A lot of modern houses tend to be cookie-cutter spaces, everyone has the same modern-contemporary look. For this businessman, he purchased the house and maintained the modern house’s aesthetic and structure but kept it interesting on the inside.

modern home

The greenery outside is framed by a large window, providing an earthy backdrop to the modern home.

“My neighbors know who my guests are,” laughs the businessman who owns the house.

modern home

This modern home has a mixture of chairs, some are high-end quality ones, while the others are as cheap as Php2,000! The mix and match of the chairs truly add character to the space. The owner cites the area with three unique chairs as his favorite spot, it is gathered together by a blue accent rug. The area is in between the living room and the dining room.

modern homeThe home is a collection of the homeowner’s accumulated through the years of travelling. He shares that finding the right pieces take time, patience, and a unique eye to be able to see the potential of things. modern home

“I wanted to a do a fun and vibrant personality to the area, so I chose modern-looking chairs in vibrant colors,” shares the homeowner in the kitchen.

modern home

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