This is the Bed Serena Williams and Other Athletes Trust

Many people will tell you that regular exercise and a balanced diet are needed for a healthy lifestyle. Everyone encourages you to get out there and work-out and get a salad. However, another crucial thing is getting enough sleep – and quality sleep at that. The recommended amount of sleep is 7 to 9 hours. If zzzs on your bed is cut short, the body doesn’t have time to repair memory, consolidate memory, and release hormones. Tempur can help you achieve quality sleep other mattresses can’t.

Tempur Bed

Internațional athlete and newlywed Serena Williams shares that sleep is her secret weapon. Being a huge name in Tennis, Serena shares that she has been sleeping on a Tempur bed for 10 years now and even brings her Tempur pillow with her wherever she goes. She is at the forefront of the brand’s latest international campaign, “Tempur. This Sleep Is Power.” Locally, many athletes also share this testament to Tempur’s beds and pillows.

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Chris Tiu of PBA’s Rain or Shine is also an entrepreneur, showbiz personality, and a new dad. Tempur’s bed and pillows help him get the sleep he needs to course through his day.  “My work is physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. The only way I can recover and perform at my best is when I get quality sleep. It allows the mind, body, and soul to recover,” he shares, he uses the Tempur Original Pillow. “It really makes a difference, because it is the perfect contour for my neck. I have never felt as comfortable with any other pillow and I don’t wake up with anything aching in my neck or shoulder area,” he adds.

Tempur Bed
Chris Tiu, Christine Jacob Sandejas, and Clarice Patrimonio all trust Tempur’s quality beds and pillows.

The Philippines’ national rugby team, The Volcanoes and The Lady Volcanoes also attests to Tempur’s quality. Speaking on behalf of the team is Jake Robrigado Letts. He has been with the Philippine Volcanoes for 12 years as a player and now also as the team’s Interim Managing Director or formally as National Team Head. “Athletes need their rest. Before a tournament, we go on rigid training 3-4 hours daily under the hot sun. Sometimes, we play for two days straight. We’re healed by sleep, so it is a key moment for all of us. We need to be sure that our bodies are ready for the games. It’s the quality of sleep that’s more important. It’s really getting into the zone.”

Tempur bed
The Philippines’ national rugby team, The Volcanoes and The Lady Volcanoes

To get the same bed and pillows athletes trust, visit Tempur at their latest store in Ayala at the 30th, Meralco Ave. Pasig City.