#TheNewPH: The New Home Designers That Should Be On Your Radar

Every June 12, One Mega Group celebrates Filipino creativity and ingenuity through #TheNewPH. It’s a campaign that champions Filipino Pride in any aspect– from fashion, sports, and now, in interior design. There are numerous veteran designers out there that have helped mold the local design scene into what it is. This #TheNewPH, we’re giving the spotlight to freshest and most creative minds in local interior design. These designers are young, new on the scene, and are all ready to redefine the mold!

Here’s a list of designers that are on our radar and should be on yours, too!


1 | IDr. Mark Madolaria

Gracing the cover of CondoLiving’s April 2018 issue, Mark has an eye for design and making condos into cozy homes. Mark is an inspiring character to work with and believes that form and function need to co-exist for a hosue to truly be a home. See more of his projects on his official page!

2 | IDr. Mauro Nepomuceno

Mauro Nepomuceno’s works are bold, innovative, and quite architectural in a sense. Starting his own firm with his wife, MN Design Studio is one of the firms to watch out for. Their designs are unexpected, out of the box, but still extremely functional and ergonomic. Mauro and his team can work on anything interior, from loft condos to innovative hostels, and even Instagram-worthy bars!

See One of Mauro’s Projects Here: An Eclectic Loft Condo Unit is All About Making a Statement

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3 | Alero Design Studio

Composed of talented siblings interior decorator Jesy Cruz and Architect Jaemi Cruz, these two are taking the local design industry by storm! Coming from a family with a background in construction, design is in their blood. One of the newest design firms on the block, Alero Design Studio can complete any type of space, from commercial and retail spaces to residential homes!

See One of Their Projects Here: This Refreshing and Vibrant Filipino Home in Bulacan is The Start of A Cancer Survivor’s Second Chapter

#TheNewPH, Jesy Cruz, Jaemi Cruz, Alero Design Studio, New Interior designers

4 | IDr. Gela Wee Sit

After working in a major local firm, this interior designer decided it was time to start her own firm. Lead Designer of Spaceplan Design + Build, their firm is your new go-to-professionals in everything interiors and furniture. Watch out for one of their condo rental projects on CondoLiving!

#TheNewPH, Jesy Cruz, Jaemi Cruz, Alero Design Studio, New Interior designers

5 | Architect Jaime Recto

Heading BURP! Designs (translating to “Beyond Your Regular Practice”), this architect is all about respecting traditional Filipino design and elevating it to keep up with the modern times. Aside from residential projects, Jaime and his team also pursues commercial and retail spaces. See more on their BURP!’s Instagram page!

#TheNewPH, Jamie Recto, new filipino architect

6 | IDr. Uzel Alconera

Young and whimsy, this solo interior designer is all about the wabi sabi aesthetic. After working in TV Production for awhile, Uzel realized it was time to enroll herself in PSID and pursue her passion for design. After graduating and getting her license, she is now focusing on creating comfortable and cozy spaces for condo dwellers.

Tour Inside Her Condo: You Need to See this Interior Designer’s Industrial Yet Minimalist Condo

Uzel Alconera, #TheNewPH

7 | IDr. Kenj So

Currently practicing on his own, Kenj So is a creative interior designer to watch. While he admits that modern, contemporary, and luxurious design is his forte, one of his projects show that he is flexible when it comes to design styles.

See one of his Projects Here: Learn Hidden Storage Tips/Space Saving Hacks From This Industrial Loft!

#TheNewPH, Kenj So, Interior designer Kenj So

8 | IDr. Roxanne Roxas

Young and talented, Roxanne comes from a family of artists, leaving the creative side of design a breeze for her. Graduating from PSID and currently practicing on her own, Roxanne dreams of working with sustainable and eco-friendly design more in the future.

#TheNewPH, Roxanne Roxas, Interior designer roxanne roxas

9 | IDrs. Ira Pilario and Miriam Fetizanan

Also known as IxMDesignStudio, Ira Pilario and Miriam Fetizanan are two of the young designers that are on the top of our radar. Best friends since their college years in UST, their design philosophy and aesthetic are a perfect match to each other, pushing them to their own studio together. The two are experts at modernizing the Filipino look and giving the tropical aesthetic a refreshing vibe. One of their rental condos was on the cover of CondoLiving magazine!

#TheNewPH, IxM Design Studio, Ira Pilario, Miriam Fetizanan, interior designer philippines

10 | IDr. Sophia Calima

Graduating from the Istituto Europeo di Design Milan in Italy, Sophia is currently working on residential condos in Cebu and Manila. On the side, Sophia works as the assistant secretary to the National Committee on Architecture and Allied Arts.

See one of Sophia’s Projects here: A Cozy Condo with a Modern Filipino Touch

11 | IDr. Paolo Castro

Head of The Grey Project, this young interior designer can create a space from an artsy cafe, a modern-Japanese resturant, to a country-chic condo! A graduate from the University of Santo Tomas, Paolo is spearheading a design team of young and innovative future designers!

View A Project from The Grey Project Here: This Halfway Home in Ortigas is a Country Chic Unit With a Twist

#TheNewPH, Paulo Castro

12 | Triptych + Co.

Interior designer duo Trisca Dela Paz and Tricia Pabellano are the creative and strategic design brains behind  Triptych + Co. These designers are ready to transform a condos and houses with style and a lot of storage!

See One of Their Projects HereThis 36-sqm Renovated Unit is a Spacious Condo with a Lot of Storage!