The Home of Vito Selma

Step inside renowned furniture designer Vito Selma’s bachelor pad and see why it is called globetrotter’s haven.

Internationally renowned furniture designer Vito Selma firmly believes that a home should speak of the people that live in it—without them having to explain who they are, what they do, and what their passions are. This must be why his bachelor pad at the Queen City of the South tells stories of Vito’s hunger for exploration.




Vito’s industrial-inspired bachelor pad was inspired by New York loft. Vito’s living room wall displays the unsold photographs from his very first exhibit.



“I wanted to make sure that my dwelling reflects who I am, 
a person who travels the world, so I bring home a little piece
of every place I have visited,” shares Vito. A proud Cebuano, Vito finds fulfillment in immersing with other cultures. An experience he adapted while studying
in San Francisco, Milan, and South Africa.



“I don’t think I designed this space; I’m just letting it grow with time,” he says. Aside from adding walls, mirrors, and shelving to the original layout, Vito left two walls of his home in natural cement finish because it has always been his childhood dream to live in a New York loft.



“I take inspiration from everything around me… The more I see of the world, the better person and designer I feel I become,” says Vito.




Vito’s home is conducive to his lifestyle of relying on caffeine and ending up being awake until the wee hours of
the morning. “I’m a creature of habit. I start my day with an espresso, a routine I learned to live by while in Milan,” he narrates.



In the future, Vito still dreams of building
 a home with a lush garden or with a beachside setting. For now, he is content with having his own dwelling that allows him to bond with family, express his passions, and simply be himself. “There are things everyone keeps from the outside world, and a home is the best place to keep them,” he says.


*This article has been revised for online reading. The original article appeared on the July 2014 issue of My Home Magazine. Get the e-mag version My Home Magazines on Magzter.