The Best Order To Clean Your House If You’re in the Mood to Be Squeaky Clean

A clean house is a good place to come home to. However, that doesn’t mean that a clean house is easy to achieve. If you like cleaning and tidying up, this article is perfect for you! We’re redefining your next cleaning session with this new and efficient cleaning sequence!

If you’re in the mood to get some spring cleaning done, here’s a guide on how to properly do it IN SEQUENCE.

1 | Gear Up

House cleaning is a dirty task so wear raggy house clothes that you’re willing to let go of. Girls and boys with a long hair, have a hair tie ready. Boys and girls, get a rag to wipe your sweat on!

2 | Put Some Music On

They say that music can help you push yourself while working out, we believe that it’s the same for cleaning. Put on the right tunes that motivates you to clean and scrub your house squeaky-clean.

3 | Load the Laundry/the Dishes

Since this task will take up less of your attention after you’ve loaded the laundry or the dishes in the dishwasher, best to do this early on since a machine will be doing it for you.

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4 | Tidy Up First

Before you wipe clean all surfaces of your home, start with decluttering and throwing away trash first.

5 | Start From Top-Down

Start cleaning from the top floors of your house and make your way down. This lets some dust from the top floors to cascade down. This principle applies to cleaning cabinets, too!

6 | Finally: Vacuum

For a clean house to really be clean, plug in the vacuum and vacuum after you’ve wiped most surfaces. Vacuum with the top-down principle in mind. Start with the curtain tops, cabinets, furniture, and finally the floor.

7 | Mop and Shine

One your floor is free of dust, it’s time to mop your floor. If your flooring requires it, put a bit of shine on there!

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8 | Spritz a Scent

With most of the hard work done, it’s time to give your clean home an extra touch. Reach for your favorite room spray and spray away for a final clean home touch.

9 | Clean Yourself Up

Once you’re done, go take a shower and clean yourself up. Put on some fresh home-lounging clothes, get some snacks, hydrate, and relax a bit.

10 | Go Back to the Machines

With everything else done, it’s time to go back to the machines and unload the now clean plates and clothes! This can happen anytime while you’re cleaning but best to unload them when you’re also clean yourself to they don’t get dirty!