The Best Design Trends for Creating a Restful Bedroom

Sleep is a prime ingredient for good health. That’s why your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. It’s also the one you likely spend the most time because you devote one-third of your life to sleep. Decorating your bedroom should be done with the end goal of making it the most restful space in your home.

When choosing bedroom décor for optimal sleep, consider using elements of nature and organic materials. Making sure you feel safe and sound in your house is extremely important. Let’s look at some decorative ideas for better rest in your room.

Use Plants

One decoration proven to improve sleep is houseplants. If you choose wisely, you can make your bedroom more beautiful and inviting while also improving your health and sleep. Plants naturally purify air quality which leads to more restful sleep – and some plants can even help you fall asleep faster.

Here are some plants to consider and the sleep benefits they offer:

  • Jasmine reduces anxiety and produces calmer sleep

  • Lavender slows heart rate and helps you drop off to sleep faster

  • Snake plants help you sleep better through oxygenation

  • Gardenia reportedly can help combat insomnia

  • Valerian’s scent helps many people fall asleep faster


restful bedroom


Go Organic

Taking synthetics out of your bedroom is another way to promote healthier sleep. Your mattress is the foundation of good sleep, and you should choose one customized to your needs and preferences. With that as the base, try organic bedding for a better night’s sleep.

Some elements to add to your sleep space are:

  • Organic sheets in cotton, linen, or bamboo wick moisture for comfort

  • Organic cotton mattress pads and protectors (if you use these items)

  • Organic wool comforters are comfortable year-round and a healthy choice

  • Organic cotton duvets are an excellent choice if that’s your preference

  • Organic rugs, draperies, and cushions to go all-natural for all your textiles


Use Natural Light

When looking to introduce nature into your sleep sanctuary, what’s more natural than sunlight? Sunlight is preferable to artificial light, so use it where you can. If you don’t have nighttime light pollution requiring room-darkening shades, why not go for sheers that let in lots of light?

Leave blinds and drapes open to allow in the morning light. You’ll wake better to sunlight and kick-start your day. Morning sun starts your circadian clock ticking which enables you to fall asleep faster at night. In the hours before bedtime, begin dimming lights and avoid blue lights (TV, cell phone, tablets, laptops, etc.) to fall asleep faster.

restful bedroom

Bring the Outdoors In

Look for opportunities to bring in other natural elements. Driftwood lamps and side tables introduce an oceanic feel to the room and are soothing to the eyes. The gentle curves of driftwood compliment many furniture styles and can be the perfect addition to your sleep sanctuary.

Remember when choosing decorations, not to go overboard. Less is more when it comes to your bedroom. You need a bed, dresser, side tables, and lamps. If you want one, add a chair, but don’t introduce elements that aren’t functional. Less clutter means lower anxiety and better sleep.