5 Summer Home Design Inspirations

You might want to spend your summer days inside your home than outdoors

Summer is here and you’re already planning your next out-of-town trip. Summer is also a good time for redecoration. Make your room a pleasant and calming space for your summer stay-cation with these summer home design themes!


Secret Garden – Infuse colors and florals to your room for vibrance

secret garden


Sunset Party – Orange tones that bring the sunset warmth into the living area



Lounge Chic – Keep it classy yet comfortable with neutral tones



Sea Breeze – A minimalist theme inspired by the sea



Clean Living – A crisp, Scandinavian-themed al fresco dining area




*This article has been revised for online reading. The original article appeared on the April 2014 issue of My Home Magazine. Get the e-mag version My Home Magazines on Magzter.