Starting an Art Collection? Here’s Tessa Alindogan’s Top 3 Tips For You!

Starting an art collection is no easy feat. Where do you start? Sculptures? Paintings? Also, from who do you purchase? An art gallery or from the artist straight? We talk to veteran Filipino interior designer Tessa Alindogan on tips on how to start an art collection!

1 | Broaden Your Art Knowledge

Visiting museums, reading art magazines, and speaking with art enthusiasts is very helpful in starting an art collection. Aside from broadening your at knowledge, this process will also help you determine which type of art or which artist you would like to procure from in the future,” first points out Tessa.

2 | Scout for Art

“Art galleries, auctions, exhibits, and even flea markets are the best places to find good pieces,” shares Tessa Alindogan. “Be aware of the current rate of the artists and take your time before your purchasing the piece.”

3 | Buy from Up and Coming Artists

“Although buying artwork from renowned artists would assure appreciations, it is also worthwhile to obtain pieces by up and coming artists. There is nothing more gratifying that buying a piece you love, and then one day learning that the artist has gained recognition in the art scene.”


This story first appeared on MyHome magazine March 2014, edits have been made for

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