Speed Cleaning is Easy! And We’re Not Kidding!

Vacation season is once again upon us, and with it comes summer parties, sleepovers, and short visits from family and friends. It’s important that we provide not just a pleasant welcome to our guests, but also create an environment where they can enjoy the experience of being in our homes. We all have the tendency to do things last minute, leaving us feeling rushed and tired as we run around the house in an effort to tidy up before people come over. Here are some handy tips to help you speed clean your home like a pro!

Know how much time you have so you know how long you can actually speed clean a room. Arm yourself with the necessary supplies you will need for more efficiency. This will save you from multiple trips across the house to get various tools and cleaning materials.


Have a battle plan. 

Start with areas where your guests are expected to frequent. These include the entry or foyer, living and dining areas, powder room, guest room, and bathroom. Work first on the easier rooms that require tidying up more than cleaning.


Go From Top to Bottom

Clean and wipe higher surfaces before moving onto floors or rugs. This will ensure you won’t have to re-clean areas you have already gone over. Save heavy duty mopping for last.


Concentrate on Surfaces that Require More Cleaning

For example, you can skip higher shelves and focus on the lower ones which gather the most dirt and dust. After all, these are what your guests will see. Remember which places you’ve cleaned so you don’t need to repeat wiping or rinsing.


speed cleaning
Clean and disinfect heavily used spaces such as the kitchen everyday. Wipe surfaces as you go and store frequently used items in easily accessible areas


Know the Best Products and Tools to Use

Have them on hand and use those that will get the job done faster. Vertical surfaces rarely get dirty so they can just be dusted off. Horizontal surfaces require wiping and/or rinsing. Newspapers can be used to wipe glass surfaces or mirrors, and baking soda mixed with a little water is a great eco-friendly alternative for scrubbing tiles and sinks.


Be Organized

Keep your tools and cleaning supplies in one place so you never have to look for them. Have a speed cleaning system so you learn to develop a routine. This will guarantee that you keep to the timeline you set for yourself.


Get Help

Many hands make work lighter and faster. Enlist the assistance of household staff or family members and assign tasks for them to accomplish. Aside from good training, this will save you precious time.

Invest on Storage

Spaces look cluttered when there are a lot of things strewn about. Find space for small items such as keys, mail, pens, and loose change, and keep them in one place. If you are pressed for time, have a handy receptacle such as a basket or bin to temporarily store items you can go back to at a later time.


Clean When You Can

Clean a little every time. Don’t let dishes, pots, and pans pile up in the kitchen sink. Rinse off showers and wipe glass enclosures after every use. Doing so will make them easier to clean the next time you’re in a hurry. Pick up toys and clothes, fold bed linen after waking up, and wipe down spills and dirt on surfaces as soon as possible.


speed clean
Keep things neatly organized in one area to keep clutter at bay


Developing a habit of keeping things clean and in order may take time, but once you get used to a system that works for you, you’ll be relaxed every time guests come over. Aside from presenting your home in a good light, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, too.