Samsung Ushers the Contemporary Home to the Future with Better Technology

In terms of architecture, the contemporary home is partly a nod to the modern style that dominated the residential construction from the 1920s to about mid-1950s. The structure is supported by post and beams and typically finished with a gabled top. The design may have also taken inspiration from the early works of the masters—Le Corbusier’s Villa Fallet and Van Der Rohe’s Riehl House. The most common feature of a contemporary home is that it is built to mirror the now. Updates maybe incorporated through the implementation of new construction techniques and the use of more advanced materials. We’ve seen how a number of contemporary houses follow the shape of the modern or the classic modern architecture. However, there are obvious improvements such as employing green or other unexpected materials to up the structure’s style ante.

Inspired by the continuous evolution of design in architecture of homes, Samsung also inspires the world and helps shape the future with technological advancements that make contemporary life not just easier, but more meaningful. Recently, the company unveiled its latest innovations at the 10th Samsung Forum Southeast Asia and Oceania, held at Resorts World Sentosa. The products on display were solid testaments to the company’s brand promise and core values. “We will remain committed to providing new experiences that exceed the expectations of our consumers in the region going forward,” states Steve Lee, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia and Oceania. Steve also says that these new products are designed to make consumers’ lives more seamless and highly connected.


Simon SIm, regional head of TV showcases the new 98in QLED 8K


“2018 was a momentous year for Samsung. We delivered breakthrough products that enrich the lives of our consumers,” says Eugene Goh, Samsung Electronics Singapore president. “We were also once again named the best and most trusted brand for the seventh consecutive year according to the annual survey of Asia’s Top 1000 Brands by Campaign Asia and Nielsen,” Eugene continues.

2019 marks Samsung’s 50th year in the electronics industry. The five decades of relentless innovation allowed the company to design great products that enabled consumers to rethink their way of life.


The Best in Show

With the advent of Smart TVs coupled with improving internet access for online streaming, the TV set has regained its stature as the ultimate form of home entertainment. Identifying re-emergence, Samsung is set to redefine in-home viewing experience with QLED 8K at 98”—surpassing its predecessors at 85” models. Gone are the days when your living room was the talk of the town with the latest widescreen, flatscreen, or curved—the higher resolution on the screen delivers closest-to-life images giving unrivalled and unparalleled cinematic experience.

Aside from the QLED 8K, Samsung also launched the new iterations for The Frame and The Wall. “We at Samsung are continuously looking for different ways on how to position the TV as a part of everyday life,” says Simon Sim, regional head of TV, Southeast Asia and Oceania. “The brand has been the global leader in TV for the past 13 years, combining the best in hardware and software,” he continues.


The new Samsung Family Hub range


The Best in Class 

Imagine having the future in the present with enhanced connectivity in the kitchen. Samsung’s Family Hub for 2019 now comes with artificial intelligence and Internet of Things capability—pushing the boundaries of refrigerator from the usual food storage that prolongs food items, to something that foster true family connection,” says Daren Tay, regional head of digital appliances, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

The new Family Hub now comes with Family Board, a new screen devoted entirely to pinning photos, notes and doodles drawn on the touchscreen itself. Taking intelligence a step further, with the Family Hub’s seamless integration of SmartThings, owners can now see and control hundreds of Samsung and third-party smart home devices right from the refrigerator screen and by voice with Bixby.


Samsung The Wall


The Best in Technology

Apart from delivering cutting edge products that aim to make most out of life, Samsung products present new ways to do things by interacting with other devices across the home. This is the meaning of connected living. “We’re focused on technology that lets you do more of what you love. That has been our mission for the past 50 years,” says Ken Ding, head of product innovations, Samsung Electronics. This vision can be actualized by designing more Artificial Intelligence for the consumers. Samsung is currently developing new applications of AI, making AI do more things. Consequently, consumers can expect new devices that bring AI to the center of connected life.

By consolidating Samsung’s AI Bixby, the new line of products for the home—from TVs, to Fmaily Hub, to washing machines—are given the power to enhance the way of life. Yet, there is the question about the use of AI. Samsung believes that for AI to be truly transformational, it must be responsible. The company adheres to three core principles in developing its AI: fairness, accountability, and transparency.