Safe and Sound: How to Take Care of your Kids by Committing to a Cleaner Home

As a parent, you want your children to get all they need by making sure they’re well-fed and looked after. With all the responsibilities and challenges you face for your kids, the one stand-out is their health. Putting their well-being at the forefront can put your mind at ease about everything else, and it all starts in the bathroom.


Unexpectedly, this place in your house is where most milestones are made or precious moments are shared between parents and children. Bath time is not only a daily chore. It can also be a heartwarming bonding moment for parents and children alike. Bathing your kids while playing with the soapsuds can make cleaning up something you can both look forward to. Some rounds of peek-a-boo with towels while drying them up on the floor tiles can also add to the fun. Even training your child from using the potty to the toilet can be a big turning point for both of you. But what some people are not aware of is the place where you clean yourselves can also be the dirtiest part of your residence. It can also be the host to a number of germs, bacteria, and viruses that can infect your family.

Since bathrooms are the most humid spots in your house, it’s the perfect environment for unwanted organisms to develop. With some moisture from a poorly-ventilated area, mold and mildew can grow and accumulate anywhere in your washroom. This can cause allergies, irritations, and infections when inhaled or come into contact with. When you flush the toilet, particles from the waste that you flush can also spread around if the lid is up and contaminate anything that is near to it. The toxic microorganisms that have been dispersed can persist in the warm and moist settings of your comfort station. All of these harmful pathogens can thrive in what is supposed to be the cleanest part of your home.

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