Saddle Row’s new Rockwell branch is more than just your fitness studio

This chic fitness studio is perfect for anyone who wants to have an active lifestyle

It’s been three years since Saddle Row first opened its studio in the Philippines to introduce indoor cycling and rowing. Now, it brings its flagship studio in the new wing of Power Plant mall with a new branding and new interiors–enhanced and upgrade to bring fitness and wellness to a more holistic level.
To achieve an understated gym design, Saddle Row tapped the interior designers of Empire Designs, IDr. Mark Perez, IDr. Vianca Anonuevo-Favila, and IDr. Jam Mangio. The 260-sqm. boutique fitness studio became study in a more inviting inustrial design. “We wanted to showcase a very upscale look but not too intimidating. We wanted to show another take on industrial design that you usually see,” says Mark.
Instead of the name, Saddle Row’s icon is visible on the outside, a marketing decision to put the branding towards a different direction. The facade is also made in wood veneer to highlight the characteristic of wood


The studio already offers a relaxing vibe the moment you enter. Touches of marble and copper add textures on every angle, which highly complements the mostly concrete finish. Veneer and wooden accents enhance the façade, particulalry in the row room.
Saddle Row has also partnered with Prizmic & Brill, which provided them with loaned furniture in the lounge area. The focus of Saddle Row is to provide a unique fitness experience; however, the studio is also flexible enough to accept events.
Concrete walls combined with minimal accessories and a copper finish text on the wall add visual texture


“Ambient lighting, trendy music and a signature chic interior,” shares Monica Dizon, marketing manager of Saddle Row. “We work to inspire people to live healthy and fun lives— in and outside of the studio.”
A collection from Prizmic & Brill is displayed on the lounge of the studio. The bare wall can also be used to display artwork


Saddle Row offers a wide range of services that young and old clients can enjoy. At the same time, Saddle Row instructors have been handpicked to showcase an array of styles, personalities, and fitness approaches that are deeply woven into their respective concepts.
The spinning room has 24 bikes, but the area looks spacious thanks to the use of mirrors to visually expand the space


Saddle Row is located at Level 3 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City. And for inquiries you may contact  (0917) 178- ROCK or visit