Practical Father’s Day Gifts We’re Sure Your Dad Will Love And Use!

Fathers are the breadwinner of most households. They are any son’s first hero, any daughter’s first love, and a wife’s only true love. Instead of cramming and buying him an ordinary gift, be more thoughtful this year! Getting something useful this year for dad this Father’s Day! It falls on June 17 this 2018, so you you better hurry and get him something now! Here’s a list of items we’re sure he’ll love and will actually use!


1 | Whiskey

If your dad’s avoiding the beer belly, we suggest you go for a good bottle of whiskey instead! Dalmore has an amazing selection of Single Malt Whiskey for your sophisticated daddy-o!

Visit Dalmore at G/F Uptown Parade Bridge, BGC.

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2 | Whiskey Rocks

An understated Father’s Day Gift, whiskey rocks are extremely useful if your daddy-o already has a collection of whiskey. Whiskey rocks cools the drink but don’t water down whiskey the way ice would. These are available in Gourdo’s or any home and kitchen needs store.

3 | Appetite Cookbook

While your cookbook collection might be filled with mom’s Martha Stewart cookbooks, it’s time to let your dad shine in the kitchen with Appetite’s man-friendly cookbook!

Available in newsstands soon! Visit Appetite.OneMega.Com for more details!

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4 | A Pillow

We know, this might be unexpected but you have no idea how useful and practical this Father’s Day Gift is. A pillow will be something a father can use every night when he retires after a busy day and recharges for the next.

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5 | Vinyl Player

If you dad is a huge Frank Sinatra or The Beatles, he might appreciate a brand new turntable! However, you might want the rest of your siblings to pitch in on this investment piece.

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6 | A Portable Speaker

If your family always hosts outdoor parties or has picnics by the beach, a portable speaker is a great father’s day gift! We highly recommend Bang&Olufsen’s BeoplayA2! It’s portable and the sound quality is impeccable!

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7 | Solo Blender

Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle, especially dads! Why not help him out with this solo blender that’s easy to clean and perfect for solo-blending for a post or pre-workout fruit smoothie! You can get this Father’s Day gift from your favorite home and appliance stores!

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