A Plastic Fantastic Design Concept

Most people think of architecture as the immoveable structure that creates and organizes various spaces, while furniture is regarded as movable articles that give life to these spaces. We thought of designing an interior space where architecture and furniture merge and harmonize, thus attaining a double function. The perfect material to execute this concept is plastic, one of the most flexible substances one can use, and yet surprisingly one that\is seldom applied as a finish or architectural element for interior residential spaces. The choice is also inspired by our client who deals in computers and computer electronics, and whose hero is Apple founder Steve Jobs.

Here, we see walls and floors fluidly transforming into chairs, tables, storage, ledges and ceiling accents. To meet the requirement for high tensile strength and low bending stiffness, our design uses glass fiber-reinforced plastic (GRP). Fabrication can be done locally using traditional GRP moulding techniques and other conventional procedures. GRP is extremely strong and durable, is weather and vandal resistant, water proof, fire retardant, and requires little maintenance. It is available in clear and a wide range of colors, and can go well with any other material or finish, such as marble, granite, stone, and wood.

Following our concept of harmony in disparity (or a paradoxical composition), the architectural components, such as the ceiling, walls, window shades, floors and other built-in furnishings are designed to meld with furniture pieces, such as the desks, tables, chairs and accessories. Each portion of the condominium is customized to suit the behavioral pattern, routine, as well as the anthropometrics of the owner. The design is far from traditional, but it explores new possibilities not only for the material but also for an active design—an analog approach to user movement.

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1. Handmade modern rattan ceiling pendant lamps

2. Metallic silver ceiling light

3. Rattan pendant lamp

4. Floating bookcases

5. Custom plastic dining table

6. Panton S plastic replica chair


7.  White contemporary coffee table

8. Round rattan stool

9.  Rattan storage stool

10.  Zhumel Alexander brass zoom telescope

11.  Vintage mid-century modern Franco Albini rattan table lamp

12.  Rattan floor display with candlelight


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