Mommies and Neat Freaks, Here's How to Organize Your Pantry

The pantry is a small room or storage area where all your kitchen supplies are kept. Usually located in or near the kitchen, this small space can help make everyday food preparation, cooking and serving easier. A well-planned pantry and organization system won’t just help make life easier, it will also shave precious minutes off your busy routine every day, and contribute to the productivity in your kitchen.

Here are some easy tips to help you create a well-organized pantry:

1 Label everything

Use stickers to mark the contents of each container. This will help save you time when you need to gather food items and other ingredients before cooking.

Organize Pantry

2 Go for clear storage

Be it glass or plastic, you’ll be able to find things faster in your pantry when they’re highly visible. This will also allow you to see which supplies need to be replaced or replenished. Do a weekly pantry check to avoid buying more of the same items or going on multiple trips to the grocery when you run out of something.

3 Group them together

Organize similar ingredients together and place frequently used items in easily accessible areas of the pantry.

Organize Pantry

4 Close it off

Use clips, ties, binder clips or special food sealers to preserve any opened packages and save them for later use. Check them often to make sure they are still good and safe to consume.

5 Store, store, store

The pantry isn’t just for food items; you can also keep glassware, dinnerware and small appliances if you don’t have space for them in the kitchen. Make sure everything is wiped clean and dry before you store them. This will help keep clutter to a minimum in the visible areas of your space.

6 Clean as you go

Wipe down surfaces of spills to avoid pests and contamination. Check for expiration dates and use food stuff before they spoil. Toss any expired items and make cleaning your pantry a habit.

Organize Pantry

7 Invest on practical pieces

Movable work surfaces with storage (such as small kitchen counters with casters) can make for useful storage that can easily be wheeled out when you entertain guests. You can keep snacks, bar supplies or even linen here for quick and stress-free access.


This story first appeared in MyHome April 2017, written by Hazel Santos. Photos courtesy of Edits have been made for