This Affordable Air Purifier Has 3 More Features To Make Your Home’s Air The Best It Can Be

OHome’s products will surely make you go Oh!

OHome is a line of multifunction home and kitchen appliances which incorporates features that enable Filipinos to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. OHome is committed to bringing only the best-value, innovative products that combine multifunctionality, design, reliability, and health and wellness, redefining the standard of home and kitchen products appliances for the Filipino family.

One of the three products that they currently have blew us away (literally)! Their 4-in-1 Zen Purifier is a good investment for any home. It’s perfect for homes with kids because unlike typical electric fans, this product has no blades! The purifier also eliminates hazardous allergens from the air, making the air your family breathes cleaner and fresher. Also, it doubles as a diffuser of scents with a pocket for essential oils. It also has a remote-operated LED Mood Lamp with 16 colors to choose from! It retails for P7995. 

Aside from the 4-in-1 Zen Purifier, OHome also has a HydroGen Plus hydrogen water generator and the O-Range exhaust-integrated gas range. OHome’s HydroGen Plus, a hydrogen water generator that converts regular drinking water into hydrogen-rich water.

OHome, OHome Philippines, hydrogen tumblr, hydrogen bottle
OHome HydroGen Plus, P8250

Utilizing a platinum electrode made in Japan, the HydroGen Plus is a portable device that individuals and families can take with them for easy access to hydrogen-rich water. Meanwhile, the O-Range 360 is an exhaust-integrated gas range designed for easy and healthy cooking. It has a built-in cooker hood that absorbs the harmful smoke produced by cooking, eliminating up to 99% of pollutants, thus making your kitchen’s air clean and odorless!

OHome, OHome Philippines, hydrogen tumblr, hydrogen bottle
OHome’s O-Range 360

OHome is a brand under the Lifestyle Division of Multi-Mach International Inc., a supplier of appliances by five-star hotels to provide world-class kitchen equipment, you can be sure that their products are top of the line.


Visit O Home Philippines at 106 Buma Building, 1012 Metropolitan Ave., San Antonio Village, Makati City. Visit to know more about their products.

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