TREND ALERT: 5 Ways to Make Mixed-But-Matched Dining Chairs Work

While buying a dining set with matching dining chairs might be cheaper and easier, mixed-but-matched dining chairs add a super unique personality to your dining room. It’s an easy styling hack that you should consider if you want to give your dining room a lift. Here are 5 ways to make mixed-but-matched dining chairs work in your home!


1 Color Coded

Mix up the size, shape, and pattern of the chairs but keep to one color for a harmonious look.

Jonathan Adler aesthetic

2 Bookend It

Place two matching chairs at the ends of your dining table and leave the ones in the middle the same. This is perfect if you’ve already purchased a dining set, you just need a different set of dining chairs to add for the ends.


3 Consider Adding a Bench

For a super chill vibe, add a bench on one side of the dining table. In condos and small spaces, this is a great trick to harmonize the living and the dining room together.

Dining room

4 Get Super Different Chairs

In Cristine Reyes’ House, no two dining chairs are the same. To avoid looking like it was an accident, the chairs had the country look

Cristine Reyes

5 Buy by Height

To make sure your space still looks tied together, you can get mixed chairs that come in the same style but come in a different color. Mylene Dizon does this by getting the same height and style of chairs but getting them in different finishes.

Mylene Dizon

Written by Patricia Herbolario