Master Hanz Cua on how to make your home luckier

We sat down with Master Hanz Cua, one of the country’s leading Feng Shui experts, on how to increase positive energy in your home and how to shoo the bad energy out. “Negative energy is stagnant energy. If you have negative energy in your space, it can bring you bad health and arguments. You can also lose opportunities in your love life, or your career,” shares Master Hanz.

Here are his tips on how to increase and maintain positive energy in your home or condo.

Keep the chi Moving.

Opening doors and windows is one of the simplest ways to increase the positive energy in your space. If your space has no windows, turn on the fan or the air conditioning to keep the energy moving.

Light a Candle.

Lighting a candle does wonders for your space, not only does it get rid of those trapped smells and emits a luxurious scent, candles also emit positive chi. “Green, red, and pink scented candles are good but not black or white candles because the invite the dead,” Master Hanz points out.

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A Sense of Incense.

“Buy some sandalwood incense, stand at the center of your space and turn clockwise while asking the bad chi to leave and ask the good ones about your intentions,” the Feng Shui master shares.

Having Pets = Positive Energy

If you have furry friends in your home or if you live in a condo that allows pets in, you’re in luck! Having pets can increase positive chi in your space! However, if your pets are dirty, sick, or you don’t treat them well, that invites negative chi in your space. Make sure that your furry ones are well-fed and healthy.

Clean and healthy pets can increase the positive energy in your home!
Clean and healthy pets can increase the positive energy in your home!











A Little Party Never Hurt Nobody!

Having parties in your home or condo can help in attracting good vibes. “Invite friends, have some fun but nothing too wild,” tips the Feng Shui master.

Sounds like Luck

“Music, may it be a Chinese mantra, Buddhist, Christian or Indian songs, or any happy songs all help,” Master Hanz shares. Opening your TV or streaming some rustling water sounds while visualize negative energy flowing away is also a good idea.

Get a Green Thumb

Any plant, as long is it doesn’t have any thorns, will help stimulate good energy in your unit. Make sure you keep them alive and healthy because decaying plants only invite negativity. Also, keep them away from your bedroom because they exude a lot of energy, something you don’t really need when catching up on some zzzs.

Incorporating greens in your home means more luck!
Incorporating greens in your home means more luck!

On Lucky Colors

Lucky color vary from time to time for everyone based on your horoscope and zodiac, however, Master Hanz shares that Yang colors, bright and warm hues such as reds and yellows are perfect for the kitchen and the living room. But when it comes to the bedroom, Yin colors such as blues and greens are are recommended because of their cool and relaxing feel.

blue bedroom
Relaxing hues of blues and greens are perfect for the bedroom

Lucky Charms

“Don’t think that all charms are lucky. You need a balance because crystals can also mean clutter in condos and small spaces. Less clutter is better so you have to be selective of the charms you have,” Master Hanz points out. Crystals, gems, and lucky charms have different purposes and how effective they are will depend on a number of things, from where you place them to its relevance to your zodiac sign and so on. Best to consult an expert like Master Hanz to decide on which ones can help you best.


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