Tour Inside This Luxurious Contemporary Home in Quezon City!

For this Quezon City-based family, interior design is not just about form or function, it’s about creating spaces where people can nurture better relationships with family and friends. Cultivating relationships was the main motivator of this home’s design, as ordered by the lady of the house. Everyone in the household is an achiever with busy schedules, so the owners wanted a home that will bring them all together.

The owners of the house contacted Architect Milo Vasquez and Interior Designer Anton Mendoza to design the house from the ground up. The well-traveled couple wanted a home that can hold years of love and memories. With look, the couple wanted elements from their travels from South Africa, Tuscany, and Barcelona to be incorporated in the design.


Entrance and Foyer

The travel elements the client wanted in the house is evident from the entrance. A huge Indian door is  flanked by a beautiful brick wall opens to a Koi pond with a glass walkway.

luxurious contemporary home

Living Room

Bathing in natural light because of the see-through ceilings, the living room has plenty of seats. Couches and chairs from Minotti and Armani give the space understated luxurious feel, a Bran Van Egmond chandelier also holds court to complete the luxurious look.

luxurious contemporary home


Veering away from the eclectic feel of the house, the modern kitchen still works because of its coherence with an earth-toned color scheme. Across the main kitchen island is a breakfast bar where the children of the house can do their homework while the mom cooks dinner.

luxurious contemporary home

Formal Dining Area

The family plays host to parties almost thrice a week so a fancy dining area was a non-negotiable in the house. The dining table has been with the family since 2005!

luxurious contemporary home

Family Room

The owner of the home cites the family room as her favorite spot in the luxurious home. None of the other rooms in the house have TV because the lady of the house wants to avoid any of her kids locking themselves in their rooms with the TV. The family entertainment room is located right outside masters bedroom.

luxurious contemporary home


The master bedroom has a hotel-like feel. Located on the second floor of the home, the bedroom enjoys a luxurious high vaulted ceiling. The designers surely made sure that the couple’s bedroom looked like a hotel room in Bali and not just another boring room in Quezon City!

luxurious contemporary home


Of course, any luxurious house needs a pool area. The owners cite that the lanai offers a perfect view of the home. “We are consistent in achieving our goal of having a view anywhere you are. There is never a dull moment in the house for our visitors,” the lady of the home shares.

luxurious contemporary homeluxurious contemporary home


Hanging above the pool are capiz lamps designed by local artist Daniel Dela Cruz.

luxurious contemporary home

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