Live Well: A Feng Shui Guide for Your Home’s Living Area

The living area is one of the home’s primary social spaces, and is likely to be the first room everyone steps into when coming from the main entrance. In a Feng Shui perspective, these factors make the living area one of the most vulnerable parts of the home when it comes to ushering in energy— both good and bad.

When positioned and decorated properly, the living area has the ability to transform all forms of energy that enter the home into good energy, making for excellent Feng Shui. Good energy is believed to attract prosperity, wealth, and luck into the lives of all those who live in the home. Read on to learn how to achieve a Feng Shui living room for your humble abode!


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Choosing Your Furniture

Shapes and Edges

When it comes to furnishing your living area, those who practice the art are Feng Shui are encouraged to invest in furniture pieces with rounded edges. Harsh, pointed edges create poison arrows, which create negative energy, and point that same energy directly at a single point; making for terrible Feng Shui.


Ideally, the sofa should be positioned against a sturdy wall. This arrangement symbolizes support and welcomes stability and strength into the lives of all those in the home. When looking for a sofa, make sure your pick satisfies your standards for both form and function. Having to settle for an unattractive or uncomfortable sofa could spark regret and create tension within you in the long run, making for terrible Feng Shui.

As much as possible, it’s recommended that there’ll be enough seating options for you to comfortably welcome visitors. If space permits, have a sofa, a loveseat, and one or two single chairs in order to seat everyone comfortably. This setup encourages conversation and intimate, creating a warmer, friendlier ambiance for your home.

The Center Table 

While we recommend rounded edges for most of the furniture pieces in your living room, having a rectangular coffee table might actually be more auspicious. This is because a rectangular coffee table has the ability to hold items placed on the table from all corners of the living area, which makes for a more hospitable and open atmosphere for entertaining guests and family.


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Arranging Your Furniture

Make sure all pathways for foot traffic are both accessible and unobstructed. In any Feng Shui living area, it’s imperative for the room to have enough leg room and open space in order for good qi energy to flow through the space properly. Clutter is the ultimate Feng Shui no-no, so make sure to tidy up and rid the living area from all forms of clutter. Cleanliness and tidiness is the utmost foundation of Feng Shui for any area in the house, so remember not to skip this step.

Arrange all your furniture to form a semi-circle or a rounded square (round out the edges with floor plants, you’re welcome!) because sharp edges in your floor plan achieve the same previously mentioned “poison arrow” effect. Position all your seating options towards the main entrance, so that people in the living area will not have to turn around in order to greet whoever is entering the house through the front door. In a Feng Shui perspective, this arrangement allows the visitor to receive good energy radiating from the individuals in the living area, and makes for a more welcoming and energetic atmosphere.

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The Television

The use of your television goes beyond entertainment when positioned according to Feng Shui specifications. It’s been said that a TV that is positioned either in the north or south side of the living room is highly auspicious. You have two choices: fame or career. When placed in the south of the living area, the television has the ability to enhance both fame and respect for all those living in the home. When placed in the north of the living area, it has the ability to attract luck in one’s career. Consult your trusty bagua for this step.