If you like nature, you’ll fall in love with this laid-back island home

This island home perfectly blends in with its pristine environment


Embraced by sea and sky, this island home sits amidst the lush vegetation of Boayan Island in Palawan. It was built to seamlessly blend in with nature by its original owners Philippe Girardeau and Ditchay Roxas.

Taking a break from city life is easy in this relaxed island home. Furnishings are kept to a bare minimum so sun, sea, and sky can be enjoyed in all their glory


“The house was inspired by their desire to build something that would leave as little carbon footprint as possible and maximize what nature has to offer. They used to rent it out to couples and honeymooners who shared the same mindset when it came to eco-friendly vacations,” explains property manager William Magsino. The couple, who are commitment to environmental conservation and reef rehabilitation, has since passed on ownership to a like-minded family of five.

Nature has graced this simple home as seen in the weathered wood furniture. Wide windows let in calming breezes from the sea


The location of this island home offers unobstructed views of Daplac Bay up front and the West Philippine Sea out back. “The location takes advantage of the wind that blows in between the hills on both sides of the house, from the open sea into the bay,” William says.

Everything in the property was built with nature in mind


Philippe and Ditchay shuttled back and forth the Philippines and France when the house was being built. Completed around 25 years ago, the structure is surprisingly in great condition. Staff from the South Seas Rehab, a group that aims to revive the coral reefs of Daplac Bay, occupy the back room occasionally. The house remains in the state it is in perhaps because of the eco-conscious individuals that maintain it.

The lack of trappings give this home its easy charm. Both the exteriors and interiors of this home blend in with the environment surrounding it


The hills around the house are also being revived. “We have planted vetiver grass to help prevent soil erosion in strategic areas around the property,” says William. Coral reefs in the bay fronting the house are being rehabilitated and efforts to have the bay declared a marine-protected area is also underway.

The only color in this corner comes from a few books and transistor radio. This is the perfect spot to rest or read while enjoying the sound of wildlife in the area


It is no surprise that guests staying at the house will appreciate the island’s wildlife with all these programs underway. “About 80m to the right of the house is a cluster of big holes in the sand that Tabon birds, an endangered species, use as nests. Eagles, parrots, Palawan hornbills, herons, and a host of other birds can also be found within the property,” William relates. The marine life around the island is equally diverse with seasonal sightings of sea otters, dugongs, sea turtles, and reef sharks.

Sleep takes a backseat when surrounded by the beauty of this place. Nonetheless, this room provides everything one needs for peaceful slumber


The presence of wildlife within the property is indicative of the kind of refuge it is. This island home, with its simple construction, lack of trappings, and laid-back ambiance is something nature lovers can dream of.