In Bloom: 5 Flower Arrangements for Different Occasions

Fresh flowers speak volumes. They significantly bring life to any room, making it more welcoming with either a splash of color or a pleasant fragrance. Flower arrangements need not be complicated, nor do they have to be expensive. Here are a few delightful ideas to make your home even more lovely and inviting using a variety of flora.


Everyday Accent

Infuse your home with color through pastel flowers freshly cut from your garden or bought straight from the local market. Surround them with filler flowers like rice flower or a cheaper more common alternative like baby’s breath to add more texture and layer. Tie the stems using abaca twine to keep them together in a semi-wide mouthed clear glass vase with water. Place it by the foyer, on your bedside table, or as a centerpiece on your coffee table. This easy, no fuss decorating solution is also eco-friendly.


flower arrangements


Sunday Brunch 

A charming mix of two or three different flowers in the same hue emanates a sunny, cheerful ambiance perfect for a relaxing get-together with family or friends. Keep the arrangement low enough to encourage conversations by hiding the stems and making the flowers look as if they are floating. Leave at least two or three inches of stem and carefully insert the floral foam. Make sure it has been properly soaked to avoid dry portions. Enhance the fillers in between for a fuller, lusher look. Try this: combine white tea rose, white carnation, and white hydrangea with a few stalks of eucalyptus. Arrange in a rotund vase or a ginger jar in white or grey.


flower arrangements


Romantic Date

Be bold and experiment with colors by choosing a deep contrast between dark and light-colored blooms. Place them in a goblet glass vase to add an equally dramatic look. This unexpected and unusual combination is ideal for intimate dinners. A single piece of pink stargazer surrounded with roses in light peach will certainly do the trick!


flower arrangements


Formal Dinner

Formal does not have to be stiff and boring. To achieve a touch of whimsy on your tablescape, try a cheeky combination of three to five different flowers such as lilies or casablancas, paper roses, and hydrangeas that add volume. Arrange them in varying heights in a martini vessel to allow for a few vines and tendrils to trickle playfully.


flower arrangements



High Tea

A compact cluster of China and Ecuadorian roses adorned with a few botanical fillers make for a sweet and dainty accent. This is ideal for afternoon gatherings and even as a fresh addition to your bedside table, work desk, or vanity area. Opt for pastel colors, as they are invigorating and can instantly uplift any room.


flower arrangements