RUMOR HAS IT: Is IKEA Building Their Largest Store in the Philippines?

We know, we know. We’re all excited for IKEA to finally open in the Philippines. While it has been years in the making and with no final date of their opening, everyone is scavenging for information about this furniture giant coming to the Philippines. Maybe it’s the affordable furniture or the meatballs, but we’re all on stand-by for every news bit about this iconic furniture brand!

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In an interview with Bloomberg TV Philippines,  Georg Platzer, the Marketing Development Manager of IKEA Philippines, expressed that the team is still in negotiation with all the major business names in the country.They are still hunting for the right partners for the job who will build according to their standards, especially since this is their first time to be in the country.

“The [IKEA store] biggest so far is in Seoul and we want it to be bigger,” shares Platzer. If you haven’t heard, the Seoul branch is the largest in the whole world at 57,100-square meters. The international furntiure’s Stockholm branch comes a close second at 55,200-square meters. The location of IKEA Philippines has been rumored to be in the compound of SM Mall of Asia, but with Platzer mentioning that negotiation is still on-going, this is also subject to change.

Aside from having one major store in Metro Manila, the furniture giant is also planning to open other satellite stores in provincial locations from Baguio, Cebu, to Iloilo. This means they can cater (meatballs and linens!) to the whole country. However, while waiting for these to come into a reality, we’ll run around IKEA in our dreams.