Top Trends Spotted at the Hong Kong Houseware Fair 2019

It has been one of the most successful business to business and business to consumers events for the first quarter of 2019. From the exchanges of countless business cards to successful business matches, the 34th edition of Hong Kong Houseware Fair closes today, April 23. 

Apart from the business aspects, the fair has also been a fitting ground to identify upcoming interior trends. With over 2150 exhibitors from 26 different countries, it was rather exciting to spot the upcoming style direction of home interiors in the near future. MyHome lists down six trends to consider for SS 2020. 

Animal Motif 

When we say animal motif for the interiors, we are not talking about the usual animal prints or textures that you can incorporate in to your spaces. Decorative pieces that take the shape of animals will definitely add a touch of sophistication to your homes. Materials such as bone china and ceramics with high-gloss finish or metals are top choices. Porcelain in bisque finish in muted pastels may also be an option.   

Bird Ornaments by Fink Hong Kong

Bone China Butterflies by CSM Philippines

Reflective Materials 

As light becomes a central element to design this year, the use of reflective materials will be more apparent. The organic appeal of glass is seen to be reinterpreted in different ways through more creative shapes and unusual colors. 

Snack Bowl by Philippi
Stool with rope by Philippi

Scent Decorating 

The spaces are now treated as beyond just visual. To give homes the ability to promote healthier interactions and total well-being, interior design is going to be big on scents. Candles will be used not only for their decorative properties, but to complete the sensorial experience of a space through various floral, fruity, and asian notes.  

Scented Candle


Every year, from all over the region and beyond, spaces are becoming more and more premium. As such, designers and homeowners are becoming wiser in utilizing and maximizing available space. From going vertical to virtually compacting items that are needed to be stored, the fair offered a lot of options fit for those who find who always seem to feel that their available space is inadequate.  

Compactor by C.I.E. Europe


Anything green will always be on our list. More and more manufacturers are seeing the value of becoming more responsive to the present needs of our environment, while delivering the best quality and price points possible to consumers. 

Butterfly Laundry Hamper by Magus Home

Quirky and Fun

Items that inject an element of surprise and excitement to interiors will become one of the major trends as we see the rise of younger home owners. More than ever, these items serve as representation of the younger crowd’s interests and desires. Using design, these ideas are transformed to various home items that are sure to appeal even to the most discerning. 

InnovaGoods Globe drink dispenser