Healing Space: 3 Tips for A More Relaxing Home

While it is true that the home is a refuge, it can also be the cause of stress if left cluttered or in disarray. The way of life today and how people live necessitates that homes become a place where one can be refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. This can easily be achieved by carefully combining different design elements that harmonize into a relaxing space anyone would want to come home to.



The play of lights is essential to achieve a healing home. Studies reveal that harsh and inconsistent illumination causes migraines and stress-induced headaches. Employ warm lights to avoid eye strain from lighting fixtures. Choose from a wide variety of warm white fluorescents, halogens, and shaded incandescent.

Aside from being soothing and therapeutic, warm light offers the eyes a respite from glare. Your home will evoke a stress-relieving ambiance with these types of lighting. Their warm glow and yellow hue create an environment that promotes total well-being that is relaxing and comforting.


relaxing home



Aside from its aesthetic properties, color is widely known for its physiological and psychological benefits. Certain colors create a balanced psyche, while others stimulate physiological responses. Blue and green are popular for their calming effect and their soothing nature. Both colors evoke peace and comfort. On the other hand, red and orange are stimulating colors. While both of them are used to whet up appetite, they also stimulate the senses, creativity, and critical thinking. As a very positive color, the effect of the color yellow is more emotional than physical. It uplifts depressed states and creates a generally happy atmosphere.


relaxing home



The popularity of healing oils and potpourri has increased tremendously in recent years, making scents a household name. Lavender and green tea are popular choices because they are believed to relieve stress and muscular pains, and even induce sleep. Peppermint offers a cooling effect that soothes and relaxes the nerves. Coffee is both very comforting and stimulating, while coconut gives off a very earthy aroma that promotes a feeling of healthy well-being. Jasmine and rose are both calming, while lemon grass energizes and refreshes.


relaxing home


Header Image by Mike Cuevas