Heal Your Home: Bringing Good Energy Into Your Space

Have you ever gone to the mountains and instantly felt at peace, or experienced calmness in an old church? On the other hand, have you ever felt anxious on your way to the hospital? These are obvious examples of energy in space that affect our emotional, mental, and sometimes even physical bodies. The energy around us can affect us in many ways. Maintaining good energy is beneficial, not only to us, but to our homes, as well.


What is energy?

Energy is commonly defined as the ability or capacity to do work, or having adequate power to perform a task. However, energy can also be associated with healing, vibrations, and subtle energy—which is what most sensitive people use to feel or sense the vibrations in a space. A place with good energy can inspire you to create, bring in a sense of relaxation, or cause a reflective state of being leading to self-awareness and alignment. The following are ways to bring good energy into your space.


healing your home


Set a purposeful intention. Start with a simple intention for your home and couple it with a purpose to inspire and fuel it—for example, clearing your garage with the purpose of creating a useful craft corner, tending your garden to attract colorful butterflies, or perhaps tidying up in your kitchen to make space for a brand new oven—anything that will awaken a spark. Be creative and get excited! It takes more than just physical change to actually bring in positive energy. Begin with good intentions and make a mantra out of it.


Don’t judge a book by its color. Colors are a great way to bring in good luck. Pink sheets will help you attract romance, orange flowers can improve focus and creativity, and a red gate may bring in prosperity. Neutrals such as black, white, and gray can also bring in energies as much as their rainbow counterparts. The key is in finding joy in colors.


Sounds familiar. Energy is movement and so is sound. The vibration of a room can be influenced by the sound, or noise, that it carries. What’s the difference? Sound resonates with you; noise is a dissonant frequency. Play music too sooth the troubled mind, but choose something that will make you feel better instead of prolonging your misery. There is no discrimination in musical genres—just match the tune to your intention.


healing your home


Clean house, clear mind. The most obvious way to have good energy is to have a clean vessel for it. There are different ways of tidying up and organizing a space, but one efficient way to do this is the KonMari method, which basically uses joy as the basis of what to keep and which to let go off. Whatever method you choose, unclutter your space to make way for the free flow of positive energy.


Smudge your home. You can also use vibrational healing tools and practices such as the burning of sage, which is commonly referred to as ‘smudging’. Light the tip of a sage bundle (available online) and blow out the flame. Go around the house and fan the smoke from the bundle. The aroma of burnt sage is said to calm the senses and drive unwanted energies away.


Get moving! Change is always good. Move your furniture at least once a year to create momentum for change. This is another practice to get creative and manifest something good from a simple layout change.


healing your home


Having good energy in your home will help you deal with challenges in a positive manner. Your outlook in life broadens as your heart aligns with your intuition and your mind frees itself from clutter. This will bring about more courage to face life’s obstacles with courage because now you have a purpose: your intention. So imagine your home carrying these positive energies—healthy communication between all members of your household, your home in tiptop shape, and life’s abundance flowing through!