How to Keep Your La Germania Stovetop in Tip-top Shape

Cook savory meals on a clean and quality stovetop

In order to cook spectacular dishes and deliver restaurant-worthy culinary creations, it’s important to invest in a quality range that is made for the job and built to last like La Germania. The brand started out with Italian machine-maker Francesco Bertazzoni and his son Antonio when they first created stoves for home use in their first factory in 1909. The success of their endeavor urged them to make cooking stoves on a larger scale with the new brand name La Germania. Since then, the name has stuck with the idea of quality kitchen appliances for everyone.

Gas burners can rust and clog when not cleaned regularly.


Today La Germania cookers are appreciated in 60 counties around the world, but the makers never forget their roots in the traditions of Italian style, and they remain specialists in the very personal craft of cooking. From creating simple homemade dishes to a whole feast for the family, La Germania has a cooker that can fit every cooking need. However, whipping up gastronomical escapades comes with the heavy responsibility of maintaining the range and stovetop in their top-notch condition.

Since it’s used as often as thrice a day and can take hours of usage, the stovetop goes through a lot of wear and tear that can result in cooking mishaps and an unsafe kitchen. Keep your La Germania cooker in prime condition with these five quick tips:

  1. Spick and span for safety

Spills and grease splatters can build up over time and harden into stubborn spots that clog your burner’s holes, initiate rust, and invite the risk of grease fire. Prevent these by wiping up all spills as soon as possible. Give your stovetop a wipe down with a degreaser after frying food.

  1. Back burners are your new BFFs

Bigger ranges like La Germania’s five-burner range require a little more upkeep than its smaller line of single electric and gas burner stovetops. Avoid spills and mishaps before they happen by using the range’s back burners more often; turning in the handles away from the edges to avoid accidentally nudging them.

  1. An enduring and elegant electric stovetop

Electric stovetops can get scratched up with the wrong kind of cookware. Take precaution by avoiding very heavy pans and pots that have rough bottoms such as cast iron or ceramic pots with unfinished bottoms. Although La Germania’s electric stovetops are sturdy, avoid placing stirrers and spatulas on them as you cook because these may leave residues that may get burnt onto the stovetop or, in the case of plastic, melt onto the surface.

  1. Do a deep-clean for more delectable dishes

Read through the user manual and learn how to deep clean your stovetop properly to avoid any accidental damage. Use the right tools like an open pin or a paperclip to clear out the tiny holes in the burner, a brush for the parts that can be soaked in water and washed, and a soft, non-abrasive cloth for the stovetop itself. For glass stovetops, simply wipe it with a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning solution.

  1. Seeking services is a necessity

Always call a service center to replace old and worn out burner tops to extend the overall life of your range and keep your kitchen a safe place. It’s also a must to have your range checked if it has gone through something damaging: a flood, maybe, or it’s been standing idle for a few months. Keep your La Germania range in tip-top shape with the after-sales services at the main office in Metro Manila and several other service centers all around the Philippines.

Even stoves and ranges known for their durability and longevity, such as La Germania, need a little TLC every now and then.


Cleaning ranges and stovetops daily can do wonders to food to fill stomachs better. And with little effort for maintenance, La Germania’s products can be used longer with the same fresh-out-the-box quality.

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