Greening Spaces: Why Landscaping Is Worth Investing In

Have you ever wondered why you feel better after spending just a few minutes outdoors? Whether you prefer sea views, mountaintops, or simply surrounding yourself with plants, nature has the power to influence your mood. Aside from improving emotional well being, nature also does wonders for our physical health.

Unfortunately, there are few green spaces to enjoy in the city. Most urban dwellers lead busy lives and can’t always take vacations outside the metro. There are also those who spend most of their time cooped up in air-conditioned offices with small or no open spaces nearby. The environments we live in can add to or reduce our stress, making it important to create spaces that refresh our spirits and recharge our bodies.

Most of the time, landscaping, or simply greening your surroundings, comes as an afterthought when all the construction is done. Because of this, spaces for planting, ample pathways, lighting, the positioning of water features, and other outdoor considerations aren’t planned properly. While landscaping your garden or even just buying indoor plants for your home certainly don’t come cheap, there are many reasons why you should invest in landscaping your surroundings.



Plan Properly

Before starting construction, have a set of goals you want for your garden. If you live in a condo, consider where you can put indoor plants. Aside from balconies or windowsills, they can go in corners and on tabletops. If you have enough space, plan for a proper garden. This includes what kind of design you want and what activities you plan to do in it.


Get a Professional 

Ever wondered why some of your plants don’t thrive no matter how well you care for them, or why some parts of your lawn simply urn brown and die out? Even if you have a green thumb or have someone to take care of your plants, there is a difference between a professionally-designed landscape as compared to filling your space with plants you have on hand. Gardens should be both beautiful and functional, and there are a lot of things to consider to make it the best it can possibly be.

Aside from knowing which species will thrive depending on site conditions and how to maintain plants and trees, professionals know the right dimensions and methods of construction for hardscape elements. These include stairs and pathways, steps and pavers, gazebos and other outdoor rooms, pools, planter boxes, retaining walls and fences, lanais, terraces, decks, and the like. Qualified professionals can give you options on materials, designs, and layouts according to your budget, and help you realize the possibilities of your space.



Why You Should Invest In Greening Spaces

Apart from having a space that relaxes you and complements your home, good landscaping increases the value of properties. A beautiful entry makes a good impression on your guests, just as a well-designed backyard or lanai provides alternative areas for users to enjoy.

Well chosen planing can provide shade and cool your home, filter out noise, or screen unwanted views. a property-designed garden also maximizes the usable space in your property, allowing for more areas where you can entertain, unwind with family and friends, or simply appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

Most landscape professionals don’t just focus on residential gardens, but are knowledgeable when it comes to improving other outdoor areas, as well. Most people would be surprised to know that these professionals can plan and design everything from road networks and parking lots, to public parks, resorts, and clubhouses.


Case in Point

“There’s really a difference when landscaping is done well. It was a big improvement from before,” says Valle Verde 6 village administrator Eileen Austria, on the current clubhouse area designed by Rading Decepida.

Rading designed the entry and he also reused some of the existing plants from before. “While it does require a lot of maintenance, the residents are happy with it,” she explains. In the past, the area in question was landscaped, but it was a far cry from what it looks like now.

Done in a tropical style, Rading incorporated a combination of mass planting and sculptured shrubbery to create a lush landscape that definitely provides a welcome breathing space in the community. From the road, residents have the option of using the winding pathway, or being dropped off in the driveway at the back.

In any case, the front garden has become a mini-park, and can be accessed from all sides. A fountain made from boulders of varying sizes also provides the pleasant sound of falling water, completing the relaxing ambiance of this small urban oasis.

Just as one renovates a house to improve the space or meet the present needs of its users, outdoor areas should also be planned and designed in the same light. While it does cost money to improve a garden, the value it brings to your property, as well as your well being, will always be a worthy investment.