This Glittery Modern Home is a Gift from Husband to Wife

On most days, for most of us, love can be expressed in the smallest, simplest of ways—coming home to dinner prepared on the table after a long day, being held on days we feel lonely, receiving text messages asking if we got home safely, and countless other simple yet deeply meaningful ways people show us how much we mean to them. In the heart of Laguna, the charming and sparking modern home of Ethel de Mesa proves that sometimes, on the most special days, love can be expressed through the grandest gestures.

The very first thing you’ll notice upon entering the home is that every corner of the room is adorned with just the right amount of sparkle. As a thank you present from her husband for taking care of their family, the entire home was built for and inspired by the lady of the house. The couple entrusted interior designers Honey Mutia Cervantes and Rosa Manduriao, also known as Desaurum, to take charge in designing the home of Ethel’s dreams.

“Her passion on how she wanted the space to be was very eloquently defined to us. She wanted glam, she wanted gold, and she wanted a home for her and her family,” Honey shares. The lady of the house had an affinity for golden accents, and asked for a home that reflected her personality: warm, elegant, and glittering. “I worked closely with Honey and Rosa during the early stages of designing the home, until I asked my husband to take over since he has an eye for design,” Ethel shares.

A long, white upholstered sofa stretches across the home’s charming living area, accented with nude throw pillows with a gold foil finish. A crystal chandelier hanging above the glass center table directs the eyes upwards, strategically placed to provide a welcome visual tension. Soft, plush carpeting completes the living area’s opulent look, providing ample contrast against the hard lines and metallic finishes. “The layout of the living area was probably the most challenging for us. We put in our best effort to maximize the space we had while making sure the room remained stylish, comfortable, and functional,” Honey explains.

The living area flows into the fabulous dining area, which was intended to be the focal point for the first floor of the house. Tufted white seating options line the glass dining table. Soft metallic gold curtains frame the area, enhancing the generous amounts of tasteful gold accents that adorn the space. A golden-hued glass chandelier hangs over the dining area, completing the look. “The formal kitchen did not have a cooking area. Instead, all preps and cooking will be done at the back kitchen,” Honey shares. The marble kitchen countertops inside the home were then reserved for serving meals and making coffee.

Designing the perfect private sanctuary for the glamorous lady of the house was of utmost priority for Honey and Rosa. “She (Ethel) asked us to stay away from the usual stiff linear details of modern design themes. That’s why we made sure that we incorporated rounded details in our design,” Rosa shares. The master bedroom showcases a warm, neutral palette, dotted with hints of gold through accent pieces, mirror frames, and lighting. The bedroom flows into the walk-in closet that is completed with plush carpeting, full-length mirrors, a tufted ottoman, and a crystal chandelier. “The master bedroom generally follows contemporary glam design, while the boys’ bedrooms are nautical,” Rosa shares.

Ethel’s children’s bedroom can be found right across the master bedroom. “The tandem boys’ room has a more playful tone of the nautical theme keeping in mind that two boys will be staying there,” Honey explains. The guest room, which follows a more mature theme, features a metallic upholstered headboard and wooden furniture. The designers explain that the guest room will be transformed into a bedroom for one of the children when they grow up and choose to stay in separate bedrooms.

Given that Ethel’s husband took charge of overseeing the final stages of the house’s completion, he decided to keep the home’s turnover a secret until the day itself. “Her reaction was just so flattering. She had tears in her eyes and she was just so full of joy,” Honey recalls. “It’s not everyday that your husband gives you the home of your dreams. I adore everything about this house, every single one of my requests up to the very last detail were fulfilled,” Ethel smiles, beaming with bliss over the glittering new home she will cherish for decades to come.