How to Make Your Front Door Lucky, According to Feng Shui

Aside from your gate, your front door is your home’s first line of defense and your guests’ first impression of your home. The front door has the main responsibility of absorbing all the the positive energy in, and keeping the bad ones out. Here are 12 tips and hacks to make your front door Front Door Feng Shui-approved!


1 Your Front Door Has to Be of the Best Quality

While this is also for purposes of security, your front door can be of any material that is solid, firm, and strong. Invest in a good quality door and maintain it. Make sure it doesn’t squeak or have holes.


2 Consider Your Front Door’s Size

Big doors might be stereotyped to let all the energy in, but as we have stated earlier, the front door is also the passage of bad energy. A massive door will also let bad energy in, so the size has to be proportional to your house’s overall design.


3 Do Not Obstruct the Front Door

According to Feng Shui experts, blocking the front door will also obstruct the good energy from coming in your home. This counts electricity poles or any humps on the ground leading to your main entry. This also stands from the inside out, your foyer should not obstruct the flow of energy. Keep your main entry open and flowing to let the energy do its magic.


4 Trail Your Front Door with Greens

Landscaping greens leading to your main door is very lucky, according to Feng Shui experts. Some even recommend you add plants on the sides of your front door to attract more lucky energy.


5 Paint It For Luck

You can paint over your front door to help attract specific energies into your home. Red is obviously the go-to of Feng Shui experts, it boosts prosperity and abundance. Greens is for health and money. Hoever, never forget that the color has to match your home’s overall aesthetic.


6 No To Neighbor’s Door

Some Feng Shui masters share that if your front door is directly adjacent to your neighbors, it will promote a negative bond between you two homeowners.


7 The Iconic Welcome Mat

Yes, the door mat is a must. Not only does it collect germs from your shoes and your guests’, but it also gives a cue to the energies that they are welcome in your home. Opt for a colorful and


8 Add a Bagua

If you’re extremely superstitious, go to your local Feng Shui store and purchase a bagua to place on top of your main door.


9 Be Shape Conscious

Avoid doors that are in an arc shape. According to Feng Shui, this looks like a tombstone that will attract death.


10 The Opening Matters

Your door has to be opening inward to make guests and the energies feel welcome in your home. Outward opening doors are unlucky, they make your guests take a step back before entering your home and for energies, it pushes them away when you open the door.


11 Keep the Bad Energies Away

Ever seen a house with two dragons or lions on the facade, before you enter the main door? Statues and figures of bravery keep the bad energies away.


12 Never Adjacent These

Your back door cannot be adjacent to your front door, this lets the energy back our the moment it enters your home. It also shouldn’t directly be across a mirror, this will make the energy erratic, bouncing the energy all around your home, making it tense and tense. Also, if it’s unlucky if your front door is directly across a bathroom, this will “flush down” all the good energy that enters your home.