Foodie Athletes Haven Designed by Mondo Designs

Multi-faceted Erwan Heussaff is a blogger for The Fat Kid Inside, a triathlete, co-host toThe Cave Podcast, co-owner of Niner Ichi Nana, Hungry Hound, Hatch22, and Pink Panda. Since he is such a food lover, we retained the kitchen by the entrance and enlarged it by using the space allotted for the maid’s room. As for the kitchen layout, the cooktop is oriented towards the living/dining area so Erwan can entertain his guests while cooking. We placed a television in the kitchen so while cooking, he can also watch—what else?—cooking shows. Other features of the kitchen include a spice rack that functions as a divider and a chalkboard to write notes on—which he does a lot!

Envisioning life at Solstice,we made the space more dynamic and active by combining the living and dining areas, and arranging the furniture diagonally against a slanted wall. The furniture selection of Mid-Century, traditional, modern and industrial pieces reflects Erwan’s mercurial persona—highly cultured, refined, introspective, outspoken, adventurous, extremely professional and driven.

In the private areas, the two rooms can be combined into one. Since most of the time he’ll be alone, we used a sliding partition so the den can become part of the bedroom. With the partition closed, the den can open out to the public areas for a bigger entertaining space, or be used as a guest room. The bedroom and guest room each has their own access to the living area.The master bed is near the windows for great views of Circuit Makati. And because it is a platform bed, it has lots of storage space underneath, as well as behind the headboard. The overall design focused on making the unit appear bigger, having spaces with double functions and an extensive use of mirrors. An active lifestyle is evident in the dynamic furniture layout, ceiling design, and prints on walls and soft furnishings. The interesting mix of furniture in muted colors is accented by mustard yellow and green. Materials in their natural form like concrete, distressed wood, wire mesh, and travertine provide an industrial but polished look.

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1. Bar stool

2. Two-seater sofa

3. Dining chair

4. Wing chair

5. Director’s lamp

6. Area rug

7. Black wall lamp

8. Desk chair

9. Steel stool


10. Area rug

11. Chandelier

12. Painting

13. Armchair

14. Coffee table

15. Camera book-ends

16. Area rug

17. Metal cart

18. Wire basket


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