Pretty Floral Accessories For Your Home

Add a dainty touch to your home design with these floral items

Just like patterned accessories, adding floral home accessories may also help in bringing a livelier vibe inside your home. Here are some of those home accessories that will make you feel like you live in Alice’s wonderland.


Pink flower display (Sifra) – the color of this flower display will complement almost anything in your room



Silver flower bowl (The Pietro Collection) – the fact that it’s made from silver makes even classier



Round floral box (AC+632) – a stylish box where you can keep your precious and memorable mementos



Floral watering can (AC+632) – this will simply make your plants happier



Rose and lily panel divider (AC+632) – not only will it serve as a divider, but it could also be considered as a mural in your home



Floral throw pillows (Heima) – comfortable infused with playful colors



Hydrangea design tray (AC+632) – Can’t help but smile if your early morning meals would be served on this tray



Floral gardening tool set (AC+632) – gardening with style




*This article has been revised for online reading. The original article appeared on the April 2014 issue of My Home Magazine. Get the e-mag version My Home Magazines on Magzter.