Welcome Home: How to Create Good Feng Shui for Rental Homes

Feng Shui homes, when decorated appropriately, should have the ability to create a warm, safe, and personalized environment, evoking feelings of comfort and homeyness to whoever resides in the space. Achieving this type of environment could be a challenge for those living in spaces they don’t own, or spaces they don’t intend on staying in long-term; but with the right Feng Shui adjustments, it is in fact, possible. Introduce your own personal touch to your rental home and get the good energy flowing through your space with these easy tips.


Understand the Space’s Layout With a Bagua

Begin by mapping out the floor plan of your space. Even if you don’t own the place or plan to stay there long-term, it helps to familiarize yourself with the different parts of the home and learn how these areas relate to the different elements of your life. Align the Bagua to where your front door is placed, and use a ruler to outline which section of the Bagua corresponds to the space. The compass points of the Bagua divide the space, each point representing what element should be in each space. After identifying the part of the Bagua that corresponds to a specific space, you can then identify how to furnish and decorate it accordingly to allow the flow of positive energy.



Off to Storage

If the home you’re renting out is already furnished, you shouldn’t have to feel forced to keep the items you don’t like during your stay. Settling for furniture pieces and decorations you don’t like leads to eventual resentment towards the space, which makes for terrible Feng Shui. Instead, take out furniture pieces you don’t like and keep them in the storage during your stay. Return these pieces the way you found them when you choose to move out.

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Install Mirrors

Homeowners usually have the luxury of renovating or remodeling their space by busting out walls or removing doors in order to make the space look bigger and roomier. If your landlord doesn’t allow you to make such adjustments, create the illusion of a roomier living space with the help of mirrors.

Large, full-length mirrors have the ability to make rooms look almost twice as large, and even help in distributing light throughout the room, resulting in the illusion of a bigger and brighter-looking space. Mirrors also help in doubling and distributing different forms of energy throughout the home, so place mirrors in your favorite areas that evoke feelings of joy and peace in order to double the amount of good energy flowing through the home.

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It can be quite difficult to feel comfortable and at home in a living space that doesn’t remind you of yourself. Take advantage of all the allowable options you have to customize your space. You could ask your landlord if he or she is willing to allow you to paint the walls, install shelves, or temporarily change the door knobs. When you move out, remember to leave the house in the same condition it looked like when you moved in. If you don’t feel like renovating the house, we recommend hanging up art, changing the drapery, adding in throw pillows, and placing a rug in your desired areas. Designing a space that you’d actually want to spend time in makes for excellent Feng Shui, so don’t be afraid to get creative—make yourself at home.

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