9 Feng Shui-Approved Tips To Improve Your Love Life

No relationship comes or stays easily. Being in a relationship takes a lot of hard work, effort, and commitment. Anyone can tell you that there is no formula or shortcut when it comes to relationships. However, if there was a magical formula to it, the closest one we have might be Feng Shui tips from experts. Feng Shui is not a guarantee of a better marriage or a new lover but it will help you in improving your home’s overall energy towards love and your romantic relationships.

Here are 9 tips from Feng Shui that will help improve your love life.

1 Bed Size Matters

Make sure you have the right size of bed for you and your partner. A big bed might mean you two will drift you two apart, while a small one might mean a burn-out in the relationship. If you’re single, Feng Shui advices that you need a bed that will prepare you for your future partner so get a double and not a single bed.

2 Pink and Red

Considered to be lucky colors for those with love problems, pink and red are said to attract love in one’s home. Incorporate these colors on your walls and decor.

3 Your Decor Have To Come in Pairs

When accessorizing your space, it is recommended that you buy in pairs to help you with relationships, or if you’re single this will help you to attract a partner.

4 Create a Mood

Flowers and candles can help create a mood in your home and they also invite in positive love energy in your home. Do not light white or black candles as they invite the dead, red or pink scented ones are recommended. For flowers with meanings you want to have in your relationship, display roses (love), orchids (love + strength), Camellia (desire + passion), Zannia (lasting love).

5 Fresh Linens

Your bed has to be inviting not only for your lover but also for you. The bed should be for rest and romance and nothing else. The best way to make the bed inviting is to invest in quality sheets that you and your lover will enjoy resting and being together on.

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6 Choose the Right Art

Avoid displaying anything violent or something depicting solitary scenes as this might translate into your relationship. Choose art that show love, affection, oneness, togetherness, and romance so it also translates in your relationship.

7 Place Your Bed in the Right Way

Do not corner off your bed in a corner in between two walls, this creates the illusion that one is/will be trapped in the relationship. Make sure that the bed can be entered from all three ends (sides + bottom).

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8 Replace Your Old Bed

Should you have broken it off with a previous lover and have a new one, Feng Shui Shares that you must replace both your bed and mattress to completely rid off the old lover. This is also so you, as an individual, can start fresh with your new lover, with no traces of the past dragging both of you down.

9 Symmetrical Furniture

So his-and-her sinks or his-and-her bedside tables sound too much for you? According to Feng Shui, these “his-and-her” pieces are not just for function but also to help dictate the balance and equality of a relationship.

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