Bloom: A Feng Shui Guide to Using Flowers for Prosperity

Flowers, among other indoor plants, can play a powerful role in your design arsenal when it comes to creating good Feng Shui energy for your home. In a Feng Shui perspective, the use of flowers as décor and accent pieces evoke a sense of beauty, grace, and sensuality—creating various forms of good Feng Shui energy everyone in the home can benefit from. Read this guide to learn about some of the best ways to decorate with flowers for a prosperous household.


Floral Arrangements

A clever way to use floral arrangements for Feng Shui is by using color as representations of Feng Shui elements in rooms that require a little more balance. For example, you may opt to place a fiery arrangement of red roses and orange orchids in your bathroom where water energy is in an overwhelming abundance. You could even create a colorful arrangement where every Feng Shui element is represented through certain colors. Place these kinds of arrangements in rooms that require a boost in good Feng Shui energy.

Visit your local florist and let them know how you’d want your arrangements to look like, or get creative and create an arrangement yourself. Remember to de-thorn your flowers beforehand as thorns are known to create bad Feng Shui energy, also known as Sha Chi. Learn more about using colors for good Feng Shui here.


floral arrangements


Living House Plants

In a Feng Shui perspective, indoor houseplants represent growth, new beginnings, and wealth; making them powerful tools in your design arsenal when decorating a Feng Shui home. There’s a myriad of flowers that make good houseplants, all you have to do is choose what colors fit what type of your Feng Shui energy specific rooms would need. We recommend flowers with rounded edges as they represent coins, which could contribute a good amount of wealth Feng Shui energy to your space as well; flowers like begonias and violets do exceptionally well for this purpose.


floral arrangements


Preparing Flowers for Luck

It’s imperative that you maintain your arrangements and houseplants regularly to make sure they’re still optimized for Feng Shui. Flowers that have gone past their prime, or have thorns still attached, are known to contribute harmful Feng Shui energy to the home. Potpourri, dried plants and flowers, and wilting flowers are known to be Feng Shui downers and must be avoided at all costs. Like we previously mentioned, don’t forget to trim thorns off your flowers as thorns are known to create bad Feng Shui energy and disturb the flow of energy in the room as well.

If you don’t have the time or resources to maintain fresh blooms or house plants, there’s nothing wrong with opting for artificial flowers instead. Make sure to choose artificial arrangements that look convincingly real, not ones that constantly remind you of settling for fake plants.


floral arrangements


Placement Tips

Though floral arrangements would do great as accent pieces in almost any room in the house, they’re known to boost good energy in the bagua’s wealth, relationships, creativity, career, and health areas. Consult your bagua on where these areas are and get on decorating. Also, if you’re looking to invite love into your life, decorate your bedroom with flowers in Feng Shui colors that stimulate romance and passion, like pink and red. Place arrangements on each of your bedside tables, as objects in pairs are known to invite love and warmth into the space.


floral arrangements