Home Design Concept For A Fashionista

Nicole Andersson is a fashionista known for her fashion and travel blog. Taking the cue from Circuit Makati’s holistic funtertainment lifestyle concept, our goal was to create an awesome space for Nicole that would fit her lifestyle and inspire her writing.  We transformed the apartment into an exposed walk-in closet system to showcase her clothes, provided lots of storage and an efficient workspace.

We placed closets not only along the perimeter walls, but also to serve as interior partitions made of glass. This would mean being able to see through to the other room, with the clothes tying the spaces together.

We wanted to give Nicole a warm and cozy space that would be bold and edgy to reflect the range of her ever-changing fashion style. We used distressed brick, neutral colors and oak wood flooring, accented with bold red elements and modern artwork.

In the living area, we used glitter on the floor to create a catwalk runway, a fun element for Nicole when she’s dressing up. The catwalk leads to the mirror beside the main door so that she can look at her outfit before she leaves.

We chose just a few pieces of furniture with slender profiles to prevent the room from feeling cramped. Metal sheet shelves with red frames along the brick wall allow Nicole to store and display her favorite stilettos.

In the bedroom, the table along the mirror serves as a vanity and workspace with built-in lights. The bed is tucked into the corner to maximize precious floor space.

In the kitchen, white leatherette cabinet doors are chosen for their texture, and the red trim around the doors visually tie the space to the rest of the apartment. Minimal changes to the original layout of the unit show that you don’t have to spend a lot to personalize a space. All a space needs are thoughtful details to make it unique to the homeowner’s lifestyle.

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1. Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s wall tile design

2. 2-door refrigerator by SMEG

3. Foscarini Caboche lamp design by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto

4. Reprint of Twiggy painting by Marcus Renninger

5. Atatlas round black table by Marcello Ziliani from Casprini Italy

6. Azhar white chair by Marcello Ziliani from Casprini Italy

7. Fermo buffet cabinet by Bo Concept


8. Soho tufted armless sofa from Restoration Hardware

9. Flor Ray table lamp design by Rodolfo Dordoni

10. Cone floor lamp by BoConcept

11. Flat lighting by DMO

12. Tiffany chair by Marcello Ziliani from Casprini Italy

13. Tuba wash basin by Antonio Lupi

14. Sbalzo faucet by Antonio Lupi

15. Sesamo towel hook by Antonio Lupi


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