Exude Timeless Style in Your Busy Kitchen With These 4 Tips

There are some people who keep two kitchens in one household, but tedious maintenance makes most people settle for  a single kitchen. This prompted kitchen designers to create a beautiful yet functional spaces, combining both show and dirty kitchens together.

Basic design elements are used in small doses to balance the seemingly cold appeal of some materials. Below are simple ways to create a stylish heavy duty kitchen that evokes an updated, industrial feel.


Glass and Steel

A heavy duty kitchen is usually associated with the sturdy and cold feel coming from stainless steel and frosted glass. Remedy this with bright colors or texture that will complement the overall look of your space.

Not only do they add personality and style to your kitchen, they are also very easy to maintain. These diverse materials can be used for countertops, cabinet handles, and other traditional fixtures in your kitchen. You’ll be helping the environment as well because stainless steel is recyclable and is made of 60% recyclable material.


busy kitchen
While both materials may be costly, the results, like in this Siematic Kitchen, are well worth it.


Natural Stone

There are other materials that can be used for your countertops or work spaces. Good quality natural stones can also stand the test of time and extreme cooking requirements. Match natural stone countertops with cabinetry or flooring for a more streamlined design.


busy kitchen
Natural stones also make cooking areas very stylish without sacrificing efficiency. This Siematic Kitchen made use of volcanic stone for their countertops for a more sleek and polished look.


Bright Colors

The eye is always attracted to colors. Storing vibrant pots and pans where they are visible is a very subtle way of adding color and style to your kitchen. Available in various hues, these items will not only make kitchen work more fun, but at the same time make personality an integral part of the kitchen. Add more colors through the use of small items to make the space more exciting.


busy kitchen
For a bolder kitchen design, go beyond pots and pans and opt for colored appliances of excellent quality.


Plants and Flowers

Modern design basics tend to lean towards incorporating green philosophy into the style. The organic appeal of indoor plants effectively balances the industrial feel of contemporary spaces. Make modern kitchens evoke an airy ambiance by bringing in potted greens. For more functional decór, opt for potted herbs that you can use to flavor your dishes.


busy kitchen
For more functional decór, opt for potted herbs that you can use to flavor your dishes.