What Makes A Kitchen Efficient?

Boni Pimentel of Ilustrado restaurant gives us a rundown on what he makes your kitchen an efficient kitchen.

“When my children were younger, they would all gather every time I experimented in the kitchen,” shares restaurateur Boni Pimentel, owner of the restaurant Ilustrado.

Now that his kids are all grown up and have their own families, his home kitchen is still the family’s go-to place every Sunday. The Pimentel residence kitchen conveys how culinary arts bond the family together.

His kitchen was a collaborative project with his contractor. Boni’s sole request was his stove should face the morning sun and he entrusted the rest to his contractor, with only a few revisions along the way.

Following the Mediterranean theme of their home, the kitchen uses intricate Machuca tiles. The blue patterns on the flooring complement the painted cabinets, which all represent Boni’s favorite color.



“Our kitchen never runs out of pasta,” claims Boni. His three children experiment every Friday by concocting new sauces with their selection of pasta.

Boni believes that everything needed must be accessible. “So my kitchen follows the kitchen triangle involving the oven, the sink, and the refrigerator.” His kitchen is also meant for quick meals, so the utensils and other kitchenware are all within reach.

When he has new design ideas for his kitchen, he always consults with his contractor and interior designer first. “Two heads are better than one,” advises Boni who, after three house renovations, was able to prove that his decisions were right after all.

On top of his kitchen cabinet are baskets of different styles. “This collection only started because friends would often give me fruits on a basket,” he says. “Their various sizes, shapes, and colors make for interesting displays.”

As for Boni, he believes that the efficiency of any kitchen boils down to proper judgment.



*This article has been revised for online reading. The original article appeared on the April 2014 issue of My Home Magazine. Get the e-mag version My Home Magazines on Magzter.