An Eclectic Loft Condo Unit is All About Making a Statement

Designed by MN Design Studio, this loft condo unit is an overload of patterns, prints, and textures. While it might be a little too much for some, we think that it’s amazing. The 60-something square meter loft unit was crafted for a Millennial in her 20s, whose client brief can be summarized in two words: “something different”. The design studio’s principal designer Mauro Nepomuceno talks to us about the design.


“This is not our usual but if you have a chance to do something different, why not?” Mauro prompts. The interior designer ha a 3D perspective made, presented it to the client, and she approved right away. Construction and furnishing done, the loft unit is bold, unapologetic, and really something different in every sense.

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Upon entering the unit is a customized bike-rack for the client who often joins triathlons. The living area is an eclectic mix that harmoniously works well together. There’s wood and greens on the wall, houndstooth on the two armchairs, and a marble-printed rug. The lines of the slanted loft wall make the unit even more edgier (pun intended).


In the kitchen, an unexpected mix of wood, steel, and marble co-exist with the loud and tropical colors of yellow and turquoise. A breakfast nook serves as the dining area of the unit.

myhomedesign-best-condos-2017, eclectic loft condo

The loft has a slanted glass wall, allowing natural light to enter and for the owner to be able to peek at the first floor better. For privacy in the second floor, curtains were installed.

myhomedesign-best-condos-2017, eclectic loft condo

On the second floor, the owner can retreat to a monochromatic space, a break from the first floor’s play on colors and textures. The walls in the bedroom are made of individually-made diamond wooden cutouts.