Dining Escapes: 3 Themed Table Settings for Outdoor Dining

Now that the holidays are finally here, you have all the reason to set up for breakfast or lunch in the comforts of your garden, whether it be on top a mountain, by the sea, or in a farmland. Prepare to entertain in three outdoor themes using a striped table runner in a basic color, which will definitely go a long way. Bring out your best cutlery and don’t let the holiday vibe fade.


By the Seaside

Bring the beach vibe back for the holidays! Use ocean-inspired tableware with touches of blue and teal to remind you of carefree coastal living. A blue-striped table runner is a perfect match as it emphasizes the feel of being at sea. Add other elements like pebbles and silver candleholders to convey intimate outdoor dining without losing the table setting’s seaside charm.


table setting


Provencal Chic

As much as you want to stay in the city for good, visiting the province is always with the ride because of the fresh air, afternoon siesta, and home-cooked meals. Anchor the right elements on a striped table runner, such as twigs, burlap, and bottles turned vases. Opt for freshly picked flowers to liven up the rustic ambiance for your table setting.


table setting


Rustic Living

A canopy of lush greens makes for a good backdrop for dining in the mountains or hillsides while listening to birds chirping. Give your al fresco setup a cozy atmosphere through the use of earthy elements, rustic wooden accents, and succulent plants.


table setting