Dine in Abundance in Your Feng Shui Dining Room

Feng Shui is an ancient art form that allows us to replicate nature’s balance in our homes through the design and lifestyle choices we make every day. This ancient practice is also believed to open our space and our lives to an abundance of prosperity and peace.

In a home, the dining area is always tied with the idea of abundance. A Feng Shui dining area should channel the right energies to achieve that and more—including feelings of peace and acceptance. The positive energy that good Feng Shui brings about stimulates appetites, strengthens relationships, and multiplies the blessings we receive.

The pig is a lucky animal representing carefree fun, good fortune, and wealth. Optimize the flow of good fortune by following these tips for your dining area. Qǐng màn yòng!



Separate Area

A Feng Shui dining room should preferably be arranged in its own room, separated but placed close to the kitchen. Kitchens are typically busy areas in the house at the time of meal preparation, producing a lot of active energy that could disturb those who are eating. A relaxed dining atmosphere not only generate better energies, but allows the diners to have a more enjoyable experience.

For a more ideal and functional flow when serving food and enjoying meals, place the dining area in the room next to the kitchen. If space doesn’t allow for the dining area to be placed in a separate area, use room dividers or tall house plants to create a separation in between the two areas.


Tables and Seating

Make sure to pick out a dining table spacious enough for comfortable dining, but not too large to compromise the room’s intimate vibe. Round tables work best for this purpose, as they represent endless abundance for those in the home, and allow positive energy to flow around the table.

Feng Shui dining areas should be able to seat every person living in your home, as well as a few guests. Not being able to seat everyone creates an awkward dining experience for those who’ll be singled out of the table. This feeling harbors negative energy that makes for terrible Feng Shui. Also, make sure no chair is placed facing away from the room’s entryway, as sitting in that area creates feelings of paranoia and unease.


Add a Few Mirrors

Mirrors can be a powerful tool in your design arsenal when decorating your home’s dining area. In Feng Shui, mirrors are known to double anything they reflect. Placing a mirror in the dining area for it to strategically reflect the dining room table not only makes the room look and feel larger, but it also emphasizes the home’s abundance by doubling the amount of food. This creates a feeling of grand dining and allows for a more enjoyable dining experience.


Mood Lighting

Set the mood and create a more relaxed ambiance through your choice of lighting. Add layers of lighting for a bright and comfortable ambiance for everyone in the room, make use of the lighting trifecta (task, ambient, accent) to achieve this effect. For a more appetizing and romantic atmosphere, light a few tealight candles in the middle of the dining room table. To learn more on the perfect lighting trifecta, read this.